Franklin and Eleanor Roosevelt Meet a Soviet Sniper

The Roosevelts Season 4, Ep 4 10/18/2016 Views: 6,821

Franklin and Eleanor Roosevelt get a surprise when they welcome the Soviet Union's most lethal sniper to the White House. (2:04)

Hello,my name is Paget Brewster,

and today we're gonna talk aboutEleanor Roosevelt

and the Communist sniper.

- Cheers.- Na zdorovie.

- Na zdorovie. - Oh, I spit.

Okay.- [laughs]

- Our story begins in 1941.

It was the Second World War

and the U.S. was fighting Japan.

And Russia was fighting the Nazis.

And Russia is suffering,

so Joseph Stalin calls Franklin Delano Roosevelt,

and he's like, FDR, my friend,

can you [bleep] help me out here please?

I'm getting my ass kicked here in Russia

by these "Nat-zis" 'cause--

- "Nat-zis."

- Not Nancys.

- I didn't say Nancys. I said "Nat-zis."

- Nazis, yeah, I misheard you.

And Franklin's like, it's not up to me, man.

I understand what you're talking about.

It's a shit show, but I got Congress.

I got the American people.

I can't help you out right now because no one supports me,

so Stalin's like, oh, [bleep].

Okay, I'll tell you what.

I'm gonna send someone over there: Pavlichenko.

Huge sniper.

Big deal.

Highly feared.

The greatest sharpshooter in the history of mankind.

Just meet with my sniper.

So in July of 1942, Franklin Delano Roosevelt

and his wife Eleanor are like, oh, what's happening today

in the White House?

We always have stuff to do.

And Franklin says,"Oh, Eleanor,

"we got to meet with this sniper.

He's being sent from the Red Army,"

and the sniperis a 25-year-old woman

named Lyudmila Pavlichenko.

- Say it again.

- [slowly]Lyudmila Pavlichenko.

- Lyudmila--

- Pavlichenko.

- Buh-luh-jinga.

- Pavlichenko.

- Pavli-jinka.

- Pavlichenko!

- Pavlichenko.