Donald Trump Doubles Down on Fat-Shaming Miss Universe

September 28, 2016 - Reid Hoffman 09/28/2016 Views: 111,475

Donald Trump remains defiant after Hillary Clinton calls him out for referring to former Miss Universe Alicia Machado as "Miss Piggy." (5:32)

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I'm not surprised.I'm not surprised

that even the Taliban wastalking about the debate,

because everyone is stilltalking about this debate.

And not even really the debateas a whole.

It's just this one momentin the debate

that Hillary set up like a pro.

One of the worst thingshe said was about...

a woman in a beauty contest.

He loves beauty contests,

supporting themand hanging around them.

And he called this woman"Miss Piggy."

Then he called her"Miss Housekeeping"

because she was Latina.

-Donald, she has a name.-Where did you find this?

-Where did you find this?-Her name is Alicia Machado.

Where did you find her?

And she has become a U.S.citizen, and you can bet...

-Oh, really?-...she's going to vote

-this November.-Okay. Okay.


That is a crazy statement.

I mean, Hillary, that's a lot ofpressure to put on this woman.

She's going to votethis November?

What if she wantsto sleep in, huh?

Now she's walking through thestreets, and people are like,

"Hey, aren't you supposedto be voting?"

And on Trump's side,it is disgusting

to refer to a woman as "MissPiggy" because of her weight,

and to call her"Miss Housekeeping"

because she's Latina.

And also, oh, and also,can we go back for a second

and appreciate this lineone more time?

He loves beauty contests,

supporting themand hanging around them.


You know what I likeabout Hillary--

because she doesn't smile, youdon't realize what she's doing,

but that was sneaky.

Because Trump owned the beauty contest.

But Hillary made it sound likeTrump was just some guy

-lurking backstage at pageants.-(laughter)

-Just creeping around.-(applause and cheering)

He's been hidingin the background like,

"Ladies, anyone need any helpgetting oiled up?

"I can get thosehard-to-reach places

"with these tiny little fingers.


Now, if you were payingattention during the debate,

you probably noticedthat Hillary waited

until the very endto trick Trump

into talking abouthow he treats women.

Because everything elseshe accused Trump of saying,

he was like, "Wrong. Wrong.Didn't say that."

"Yeah, I know you arebut what am I?"

Everything. Everything.But you can tell

that she caught him off guardwhen it came to this,

'cause this timehe didn't say that.

He was like,"Where did you find that?"

"Who told you?""Were you reading my diary?"

"Where is that?"In fact, he was so dizzy

from walking into that trap thatthe next morning on Fox News,

he walked into it again.

(like Trump):Believe me, folks,

this girl wasno Mother Teresa, folks.

Because Mother Teresa wasa size zero. Come on, folks.

Real... real thing, folks.

Donald Trump truly hasno self-control.

Yeah. Becausethose Friends on Fox

didn't even ask himabout Miss Universe.

He brought it up on his own--to correct the record

that he only called a woman"Miss Piggy"

because he thought she was fat.

He thoughthe was doing a good thing.

(like Trump):It's not what it looks like.

I thought she was fat, folks.That's why I said it.

He could have spoken aboutsomething else.

Or not called.He could have lied.

I mean, he was doing finewith that during the debate.

Instead, he doubles down.

And by the way,you know you're going too far

when the Fox News staffis cringing

at your treatment of women.

That's when you knowyou've gone too far.

And since that debate...

since that debate moment,we're learning more

about exactly howTrump treated Alicia Machado,

the 1996 winnerof the Miss Universe Pageant.

NEWSMAN: Within months, Alicia gained up to 40 pounds.

Rumors swirled that the crown would be taken away.

Trump demanded that she lose weight,

calling her an "eating machine" on The Howard Stern Show.

He even took her to a gym,

and invited the media to watch her work out.

TRUMP: She weighed 118 pounds,or a 117 pounds,

and she went up to 160 or 170,

so this is somebodythat likes to eat.

-(audience groans)-MAN: Wow.

I'm sorry, man,that is just disgusting.

Especially because I thinka little stress eating

is totally normalin this girl's position.

I mean, imagine if at just 19you were put in charge

of the whole universe.

On the first day,people run in like,

"Hey, Miss Universe,the sun is dying!

We need you to make a plan!"

You'd be stressed out,too, people.

Now, some people might arguethat Trump's criticisms

of Machado's weight was valid.

You know, since the entire pointof a beauty pageant

is to judge women solely basedon their appearance.

It's not the only factorthat goes into pageant judging,

but let's just say,looks are the top priority,

-(laughter)-is what I'm saying. All right?

And people make a choiceabout participating in that.

You know, if you want to compete

in a beauty pageant,that's up to you.

If you want to watch them,that's up to you.

And if you want to own them,that's also up to you.

But even if that's all true,it's not exactly

the most presidential thingto have on your résumé.

You know, there's a reasonLincoln was never seen

judging a wet T-shirt contest.

It's just not somethingyou think about.

Just him there like, "Time toemancipate those boobies, baby!"

-(laughter)-It's not presidential.


Now... thisisn't just a one-off.

And after the break,we'll get into more examples

of Trump, boobs, sexism,

and some footage no one's seenin over a decade.