The Twit Worm

Attack of the Killer App Season 6, Ep 3 07/01/2010 Views: 78,937

Mom reveals her evil plan to enslave the human race by harnessing the power of social networking. (1:00)

Some dumb bastard has nearly

a million other dumb bastards

following his every twit!

Are you dumb bastardslistening to me,

you dumb bastards?

Why are you soangry, Mommy?

Oh, I'm sorry.

I guess I'm just a littlenervous about my evil plan.

You dumb bastards!

(all groan)

You see,the plan is about

to enter phase two.

As soon as someone reachesa million followers,

I'll use them to transmit...

the twit-worm.

Oh, Mother,you devious hag.

Tell us moreabout this "twit-worm."

It's a very specialcomputer virus,

for instead ofinfecting computers,

it infects the human brain.

I like it.

The million followers willbecome an army of zombies,

eager to obey myevery command.

(cackling laugh)

The important thing is,we're a family.

No, it's not!(yells)