Lord Gordon Gordon Cheats a Robber Baron

Scoundrels Season 4, Ep 5 10/25/2016 Views: 4,656

A fake Scottish nobleman who goes by Lord Gordon Gordon steals more than $100,000 from railroad magnate Jay Gould. (3:26)

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I'm Rich Fulcher,and today we're gonna talk about

Lord Gordon-Gordon.

Lord Gordon-Gordon was initially

a guy named Hubert Hamilton.

He was swindling all these jewelers in London.

He stole about $100,000from them.

And he's like, come on, mother-sucker!

He was not only a con man.

He took it to the next level.

Hubert Hamilton moved to New York

and changed his name to Lord Gordon-Gordon.

Which is like, what?

So his whole scam was

he's pretending that he's Scottish royalty.

He wore a kilt and that was one of his big selling points.

He's like, I'm wearing a kilt, ya [bleep], ya.

Oh, by the way I'm a collateral relative

of a Lord Byron and cousin of the Campbells.

This guy is like"Catch Me If You Can"

meets "20/20".

- I love that.

I can't--I wantto know about that.

- Lord Gord--[burps]

Oh.Lord Gordon-Gordon

is introduced to this guy named Horace Greeley,

who was an editor of the "New York Tribune."

And so Horace Greeley said, hey, listen.

My friend Jay Gould, this guy--[hiccups]

Guy is the top of the New York business community.

Jay Gould was

one of the biggest robber barons.

But-- [hiccups]

he's got a problem with the Erie Railroad.

So Horace--


Greeley comes to Jay Gould and says,

hey, I think I know a guy who can help you out

with your Erie-- [hiccups]

Railroad problem.

His name is Lord Gordon-Gordon, which--

[hiccups] Go with me, it's great.

He's, like, a real lord. He--

[hiccups] Wears a kilt.

Underneath his kilt is his dick and balls.

- [chuckling]

- [laughs]

So the thing isthis guy

has convlin--



Jay Gould was-- [hiccups]

so paranoid about Erie Railroad being taken over.

So Lord Gord--[hiccups]

Gordon-Gordontook advantage of it,

and said, hey, I own, like,

the major-- [hiccups]

Majority of stock. [hiccups]


And Jay Gould says,

shit, you--you--you [bleep]!

The board of directors are [bleep] me around

so if you could help me around.

Gordon-Gordon said,

I can help you-- [hiccupping]

but I need some money to do this.

And Jay Gould gave him

$160,000 in cash-- [hiccups]

And the rest in stock.

Lord Gordon-Gordon tries to sell the stock.

When Jay Gould realizedhe had been swindled,

he's like, he's [bleep] stealing from me!


Oh, [bleep] actual-- [squealing]

Mother[bleep]! God damn mother[bleep]!