Scandals in Alabama's Three Highest Offices

June 15, 2016 - Roland Emmerich 06/15/2016 Views: 30,015

Alabama's state heads come under fire when the house speaker is convicted of corruption, the governor faces a sex scandal, and the chief justice is charged with ethics abuses. (5:10)

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Now, while everyone's focusingon the presidential race,

people sometimes forgetthat the country still has

to run on a state level.

And some of the statesaren't doing a good job.

Take Alabama, also knownas Liberal Mississippi.

They're in a bit of a meltdown.

Turmoil in Alabama politics.

The jury has found AlabamaHouse Speaker Mike Hubbard

guilty of corruption.

Pressure growing this morningfor Alabama's governor

to resign in the midst of a highly publicized scandal.

REPORTER: Then there's Chief Supreme Court Justice

Roy Moore, who's suspended but could be removed

from his position over allegations

that he violated judicial ethics

during the fight over same-sex marriage.

Sweet Lord,the heads of all three branches

of Alabama's governmentare in trouble.

The speaker's a convicted felon,

the governor's embroiledin a sex scandal,

and the chief justicehas been suspended

for standingin the way of gay rights.

I cannot believe... Well,the last one I can believe.

The last one I can believe.

I mean, that's...Come on, come on.

A Southern judge opposing gay...

That'sthe least surprising thing

since Cookie Monstergot diabetes.

That is something...I've... We've been telling you

for years, Cookie. We'vebeen telling you for years.

We've been telling you.You got to cut down.

That and unprotected sex.You got to stop, Cookie.

You got to stop. He's wild.

Uh, so, basically, like KevinLove waiting for a high five,

Alabama is not havinga good time right now.

And on top of all of that, SteveHarvey is also suing Alabama

for stealing their state flagfrom Family Feud.

Yeah. Show me "Alabama."

(buzzer sounds)

So, let's take a lookat all the players involved.

First, the speaker of the house,Mike Hubbard,

he's been in state politicsfor 18 years now.

He owns a radio station...uh, radio stations--

plural, in fact-- and magazinesall over the state.

He's so huge in Alabama heeven has a road named after him.

All right? That's his... Oh,whoa, excuse me, a boulevard.

Yes, he has a boulevardnamed after him.

And you know once you reachthat level of prestige,

you can raise awarenessfor the most important issues.

I'm State RepresentativeMike Hubbard,

and today isChicken Finger Friday.


Chicken fingers!

I wonder if chickensever hear that and go, uh,

"Where did they get the fingersfrom?

Where did they get the..."(shocked cluck)

That's just dumb.Chickens don't have fingers.

Just like Mike Hubbarddoesn't have lips.

Uh, the point is...

the point isMike Hubbard is a big deal,

and he just got convictedon 12 counts of corruption,

including funneling moneyfrom lobbyists

into his printing company inexchange for political favors,

which is really despicable.I mean, this is 2016, people.

Who puts moneyinto printing companies?

This is the future. You want toinvest in beepers, my friends.

In beepers.

That's a lifetime campaignI have with them, yeah.

So that's the speaker,who is out of office.

Uh, now, the governor--this is interesting--

he's still in office,Robert Bentley.

They haven't proventhat he's broken any laws,

but he is in trouble for havingan affair with one of his aides.

Although when asked about it,this was his reply.

I love many members of my staff.

In fact,all the members of my staff.

Do I love more than I doothers... than I do,

you know, some more than others?Absolutely.


That is such a ballsy wayto handle a scandal.

'Cause, no, most people,most people's instinct

is to deny somethingthey're accused of.

This guy doubles down.

"Did you do it?"

"I do many things.I do many things.

"Is that a thing?Then maybe I've done it.

You don't know."

I wish I had this thoughtprocess when I was a kid.

I would have got awaywith anything.

My mom would be like,"Did you eat the cookies?"

I would have been like,"I eat many things, Mom."

-(laughter) -"I eat corn flakes,I eat broccoli.

"Do I eat more foodsthan others sometimes?

-That is a possibility."-(laughter)

"That is a possibility."

-(applause and cheering)-Now...

the governor says he didn't havea physical affair.

But someone in his officesecretly recorded him talking

to the woman he allegedlywasn't having an affair with.

And like chicken finger Fridays,it's nasty.

(laughter and groaning)

You know, I... I knowphone sex is all about detail,

but that's too much detail.

-(laughter)-And it takes so long.

If I was on on the other endof that call, I would be like,

"Come on, get to it!Get to it! Get to it!

And by the way, wrong number.Thank you."


That is really bad phone sex.

Or a pretty good country song.

(guitar strummingupbeat country song intro)

(applause and cheering)