John Podesta - Behind the Scenes of Hillary Clinton's Presidential Campaign

July 26, 2016 - John Podesta 07/26/2016 Views: 6,207

John Podesta, chairman of Hillary Clinton's campaign, explains how he helped secure Bernie Sanders's endorsement and examines what a Donald Trump presidency means for America. (3:39)

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Please welcome John Podesta!

-♪ -(cheering, applause)

-Welcome to the show.-Good to be here.

First things first,congratulations

-on Hillary'sofficial nomination. -Thank you.

-It's an historic night.-It really is.

-We're in a historic city.-It really is.

The birthplace of our democracy,and we just elected

the first woman to lead a n...major national party ticket.

It is a fantastic night.Do you think sometimes,

uh, people forget whata historic occasion this is?

Do you think sometimespeople lose sight of the fact

that this is, hopefully,

going to be America'sfirst female president?

Well, you know, look,I think we got a ways to go.

We've come a long distance.We were, uh,

very happy that-that, uh,

we, uh, brought this conventiontogether.

Bernie Sanders, uh,off-offered her name in a...

by acclimation, uh,as the nominee of the party.

But we got a long fightahead of us.

So, uh, if we do our job,

elect her president, thatwill be the real historic night.

Now, when-when you are, um...

-getting readyfor the conventions-- -Mm-hmm.

and I'm assumingyou watched some

of the Republican convention

and you see what Ted Cruz did--

does any part of you phone upBernie Sanders and go,

"Yo, can I see your speechagain, man?"

Is there a tiny bit of you thatworries in those situations?

Not this time. 'Cause we...He was with... he was with her

in New Hampshire and-andendorsed her in New Hampshire,

so we knew what we were,uh, coming into,

uh, Philadelphia expecting.

So, uh, we were excitedto have that endorsement,

and we worked hard, uh, to bringthe two sides together.

We... You know, our campaignslogan is Stronger Together,

and that means stronger togetherfrom the two campaigns

-being together.-You-you really... you d...

you really did work hard though.A lot of people don't know,

but you are the man who isreally behind this campaign.

You-you are running itfrom the top.

You were responsiblefor securing

Bernie Sanders' endorsement.

What goes into that process?

You know, we first met...Uh, uh, Hillary,

our campaign managerRobby Mook, uh, and I

met with, uh,Bernie and Jane Sanders,

uh, and his campaign managerJeff Weaver

just two daysafter the California primary,

when it was clear that she hadsecured the pledge delegates

we would need tomake her the nominee.

Uh, and from that point forward,we tried to work

to try to bring the partytogether

to put together the mostprogressive platform in history,

to try to find common groundon higher education,

on making college debt-free,on expanding healthcare access.

And we were able to do thatover a couple of weeks,

and that led to that endorsementin New Hampshire.

You do realize the world

is banking on your campaign?

-When you wake up, do you-do youunderstand this? -I am very...

-(cheering, applause)-I am...

I carry... Trevor,I carry that burden with pride.

And, uh, and we intendto be successful.

You know, Michelle Obama,last night,

I think, indirectly--she didn't mention him by name--

uh, talked about what it means

to have people like the Obamas,uh, in the White House

-as a role model forthe children of America. -Yeah,

shapes the childrenfor four to eight years.

And I think, uh,what she was really implying

is we don't need Donald Trumpshaping the children of America

for four yearsin the White House.

(cheering, applause)

-Thank you so much.-Thanks, Trevor.

-Congratulations--a historic night-- -Thank you.

to you and the team.John Podesta, everybody.

We'll be right back.

-♪ -(cheering, applause)