What the Actual Fact? - The First Clinton-Trump Debate

September 27, 2016 - Sara Goldrick-Rab 09/27/2016 Views: 48,581

Desi Lydic takes a closer look at claims Donald Trump made in the first presidential debate regarding his denial of global warming and his insults aimed at Rosie O'Donnell. (5:34)

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For more on last night'spresidential debate,

here's Desi Lydicwith What the Actual Fact?

Thank you, Trevor.Last night, both candidates

said some thingsthat weren't true.

Hillary had a few, and Trump...

Well, we countedat least 32 facts

Donald Trump got wrong,for an average

of one every 2.8 minutes.

That's almost as oftenas I think about sex.

So, how do youkeep up with all the lies?

Well, we found a foolproof...



I was thinkingabout something. Um...

But like every other guywho's terrible with casinos,

Trump has a tell--

a way that you can alwaysknow for sure he's lying.

Every time he says"I never said that,"

he definitely said that.

Once you're watching for it,it's really easy to spot.

This is a man who has said

pregnancy is aninconvenience to employers.

-I never said that.-Who has said...

Oh, I never said that.

You definitely said that.

Pregnancy is never, um...

It's a wonderful thingfor the woman,

it's a wonderful thingfor the husband,

it's certainlyan inconvenience for a business.

And, uh, whether peoplewant to say that or not,

the fact isit is an inconvenience

for a personthat is running a business.

Trump's deniallast night was false.

This is something you hopedpeople would forget about,

but as much as it sucks,

it was right thereon NBC in 2004.

So I give that claim a Joey.

Okay, watch again.

Donald thinks thatclimate change is a hoax

perpetrated by the Chinese.I think it's real.

-I-I did not... I do not. -Thescience is real, and I think

-it's important... -I do notsay that. I do not say that.

Yeah, you said that.

Probably by now everyonehas seen Trump's 2012 tweet

saying global warmingis a Chinese hoax.

But today his campaign saidyou can't hold Trump

to something he only tweetedas a private citizen.


did candidate Trump ever say

that climate change is a hoax?

Obama's talking about all ofthis with the global warming,

and the that--and a lot of it's a hoax.

It's a hoax. I mean, it'sa moneymaking industry, okay?

It's a hoax, a lot of it.

So, again,

Trump's denialin the debate was false.

He claims thatclimate change is fake,

yet his hair and tan are real.

It's... Yeah.

It's clearly...

he's clearly a monster

from some bizarreparallel dimension,

so this gets a Stranger Things.

What did you do to Barb, Trump?

Sorry, I wasthinking about something.

And now let'smake like the Bush family

and go back to Iraqfor no reason.

-Donald supported the invasionof Iraq. -Wrong.

-That is absolutely provedover and over again. -Wrong.

-Wrong.-He ac...

You guys,

this is very exciting.

That lie has debunkedso many times

that last night it earned Trump

a What the Actual Fact

lifetime achievement award.

(cheering and applause)

The Shammy.

This prestigious award,

like Trump's statements,looks real,

but if you inspect itfor even two seconds,

it's obviously crap.

Now, to be fair to Donald Trump,

he didn't dismiss every chargeby saying "I never said that."

Sometimes his denialwas more nuanced.

This is a man who has calledwomen pigs, slobs, and dogs.

You know, Hillary is hitting mewith tremendous commercials.

Uh, some of it saidin entertainment...

Some of it said... Somebodywho's been very vicious to me,

Rosie O'Donnell--I said very tough things to her

and I think everybodywould agree that she deserves it

and nobody feels sorry for her.


Okay, first of all,

let's all acknowledgethat it's weird

how Donald Trump wantspresident points

for his tough standon Rosie O'Donnell.

Like... like,

America needs a leaderwho bows down to Vladimir Putin

but stands tall against the starof Harriet the Spy.

Trump is trying to claimthat the things he says

about women are factsthat everyone would agree on,

but they're clearlyhis own opinions.

Like my opinion is thatDonald Trump is a thin-skinned,

upside-down traffic cone filledwith bile and overcooked steak,

a transparent con artistwhose only answer for America

is, "What would happenif Gordon Gekko (bleep) Snooki

and they had a micro-fingeredreality TV baby?"

A man...

a man whose face is so redand swollen

it looks like his skinis allergic to facts,

you tangerine-tinted sackof (bleep).

(cheering and applause)

Whew. Trevor?

Wow. Desi, um...

that was mean.

"Tangerine-tinted sackof (bleep)"?

What? Me?

No, I never said that.

-(cheering and applause)-Desi Lydic, everyone.