Anthony Weiner Gets Catfished

August 16, 2016 - Yaa Gyasi & Sharlto Copley 08/16/2016 Views: 13,834

A Republican allegedly catfishes Anthony Weiner to get the scandal-plagued former congressman to send explicit images. (1:39)

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with just 83 daysuntil America heads

to the voting boothto play Russian roulette,

and, uh,the two presidential candidates

are fully dominating the news.

The competition for coverage isso fierce it's almost impossible

for any non-election newsto break through.

You know, for all we know, theSupreme Court has switched out

their robes and nowthey're rocking track suits.

Never know. Yeah. Becauseof Trump, we'll never know.

But every now and again,there's a story

that, like a track starfrom the Bahamas,

manages to launch itselfinto the spotlight.

Yes. Remember, uh, formercongressman Anthony Weiner?

You guys remember him? Yeah?

Well, you might... you might notremember him from that photo.

Um... there's a better one.

Former congressmanAnthony Weiner.

There he is. That's right.There he is.

A few years ago,Weiner's career derailed

with a coupleof sexting scandals,

and, uh, now he may be backat it again.

And by "back at it,"I mean "probably never stopped."

You see, this time,

Weiner was reportedly catfishedby a male Republican

who was posingas a young woman online,

and, uh, Weiner was boastingto his online acquaintance

that he was "deceptively strong,

like a mongoose."

I don't knowhow strong Weiner is.

I will say this though,

I grew up around mongoosesin South Africa,

and those animals love sexting.

-(laughter)-Seriously, you'll get a DM,

and be like,"What is that bulge?

"Oh, my God, no!

Mr. Tikki-Tavi,how could you?!"

Not safe. Yeah, so I see howAnthony Weiner relates to them.