Going for Gold in Track and Field

August 15, 2016 - Daniel Radcliffe 08/15/2016 Views: 23,857

Trevor celebrates the record-setting gold medal runs of South Africa's Wayde van Niekerk and Jamaica's Usain Bolt at the Rio de Janeiro summer games. (1:21)

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We got a lot of show to get to.

Tons of Olympic news.

And I know I'm biased,but for me,

the raceof the Olympics thus far

was the 400 meter sprint

where South AfricanWayde van Niekerk took the gold

and broke the world record,and he was in lane eight.

In lane eight, people!He did it!

-(applause and cheering)-He did it!

And now, here's the thing.I was watching that.

I don't think you understandhow I lost my mind.

A South African wona gold medal.

I was screaming in my apartment,I was running around.

And then I was like, "Wait.

So this is what Americansfeel like all the time?"

-(laughter) -You guysare so lucky! Like all...

I've met Americans. You're like,"Oh, the gold medal."

-They're like, "Which one?"-(laughter)

You guys are so lucky.

But the truth is, the news

that I guess everyonein the world was fixated on

was Usain Bolt who wonhis third straight gold medal

in the hundred meters, and, uh,as always, he did it in style.

In fact, this was him runningin the semi-finals.


That's not a picture we made.

He's smilingin the middle of a race.

Usain Bolt is so fast,he's watching the race with us.

-That's what he's doing.-(laughter)

And honestly, you know what?

I think that this givesthe Jamaicans hope

in the winter games

because insteadof having a bobsled team,

they should just have four dudesride Usain Bolt

-and win those gold medals.-(laughter)

Win those gold medals.