Governor Paul LePage's Binder Full of Drug Dealers

September 29, 2016 - Blood Orange 09/29/2016 Views: 29,638

Maine Governor Paul LePage tries to dismiss a controversy he created after exaggerating the number of minority drug dealers in the state. (1:45)

But first, there's beensome interesting news

from Maine, which, by the way,is my favorite state

because it looks like oneof those little booties

that dogs hate wearing,you know?

It's just like... Look at that.Just like, just like,

"Get off. Get off, Maine.Get off, Maine. Get off, Maine."

Now, uh, Maine is dealingwith a major heroin epidemic,

and their governor, Paul LePage,blames it on racial minorities.

But, luckily, he hasthe evidence to back it up.

REPORTER: Claims at a town hall meeting last month were met

with skepticism, but he insisted

he had the news clippings to back them up.

90-plus percentof those pictures in my book--

and it's's a three-ring binder--

are black and Hispanic people.


You keep a binder fullof drug dealers?

That sounds like the angriestscrapbooking project ever.

"Goddamn drug dealerscoming into my state!

"Carol, I need some glitter!

Carol! I'm having so much fun."

But here's the best part,reporters just got their hands

on LePage's binderof drug dealers,

the ones he saysare 90% black and Hispanic.

And, uh, guess what...

REPORTER: According to an AP analysis

of LePage's information,

no more than about one-third of the people arrested

in heroin-related cases were black or Hispanic.

The governor's office is standing by the remarks

but says the governor would like to move on.

Oh, the governorwould like to move on?

The governorwould like to move on?

As the accused, you don't get todecide when you want to move on.

"You stand here chargedwith murder."

"Your Honor,I'm glad I killed him,

but I would like to move on."

"Okay, case dismissed."

It doesn't work like that.