Another Scandal for Fox News's Roger Ailes

August 9, 2016 - Abdullah Saeed 08/09/2016 Views: 749

Disgraced Fox News founder Roger Ailes's growing sexual harassment scandal is compounded by charges that he aggressively spied on his journalistic critics. (5:31)

-(cheering, applause)-All right, welcome back.

Now, the water crisis in Flintisn't the only national epidemic

we're covering tonight,because, well...

Yet another bombshell in theRoger Ailes Fox News scandal.

Yep, more bad newsfor the former CEO of Fox News

and mortal descendantof Humpty Dumpty.


You'll rememberthat Ailes resigned last month

after not one,but two female hosts accused him

of sexual harassment.

Now, Ailes himself deniesall the allegations,

but reports suggest thatthis nasty man-- I'm sorry.


...alleged nasty man...


-(applause)-Just Keep It 100, Keep It 100.

Uh, that he got even nastier.


NEWSWOMAN: New York magazine reports that Roger Ailes

spent money from the Fox News budget

to target his enemies.

Sources tell the magazine that he hired operatives

to spy on or smear his foes.


He spied on his enemies?

Well, who areRoger Ailes's enemies

besides decency,direct exposure to sunlight

and Han Solo?



I'm asking.I'm asking the question.

All right, okay, so how exactly

did his wholesurveillance operation work?

NEWSWOMAN: They reportedly worked from an office

Fox insiders call the "black room."


I'm sorry, the black room?

I mean, it's Fox-- shouldn'tthey really be calling it

the "all lives" room?

-(groans, laughter)-Come on.

Am I right?

-(whooping, applause)-Right? What am I... Am I right?

Who am I?

Stop it. Okay.

But I digress. Okay.

Who are these foes thatthey claim Ailes was spying on?

Private investigators tailingsome of his opponents,

as you mentioned, includingjournalists and others.

God... man!

This stinks to high heaven.

The guy running a news networkis spying on journalists.

There's no bigger sin.

And "others"?What do "others" entail?

What, like peoplewho have criticized him?

I mean, I've criticized him.

Oh, (bleep)!


Uh, no, man, come on.

There's no way Roger Ailesis spying on me.


Wait. Has that giant shrubalways been there?

(eerie music playing)


That's weird.

Anyway, Ailes couldn't payto have me followed,

given the amount of money

he's about to chalk overto Gretchen Carlson.

Now we know there aresettlement talks underway.

We're talkingmore than $10 million,

some of it possibly to be paidby Roger Ailes.

Gretchen Carlsonmay have been recording Ailes,

may have recordedtheir conversations

to prove that he wassexually harassing her.

Jesus Christ.

So these reports claim thatwhile Ailes was secretly spying

on his enemies, Carlson may havebeen secretly spying on Ailes?

Well, it makes sense.There's plenty of room

to hide the recording devicein Roger's jowl pouch.


Don't you think?

Right here?

Wait. Hold on a second.

What happenedto that giant shrub?

(eerie music playing)

(laughter, applause)


Hmm. I don't know.

Anyway, the news for Aileshas gotten worse,

as there continue to be mountingclaims about Jabba's mounting.

NEWSMAN: Fox News host Andrea Tantaros

said that she was demoted and taken off the air in April

after reporting former network boss Roger Ailes

for sexual harassment.

Okay, so she reported her bossand was fired.

So to be clear, as soonas you do real reporting at Fox,

you don't fit in.

(laughter, applause, whooping)

That's pretty much how...

pretty much how it works.

But Fox...Fox obviously can't admit

she was let gobecause of the allegations,

especially because that doesn'tjibe with their timeline.

NEWSMAN: That contradicts senior Fox executives

who say they were unaware of any claims against Ailes

until former anchor Gretchen Carlson

filed a lawsuit against him in July.

Fox News told a lie?


(mimics explosion)

I can't believe that.

Okay, look,we pick on Fox News a lot.


You know, for being dishonestand fearmongering

and beating up on the underdogsin America,

but don't tell methat's not justified

when Fox is being dishonest andfearmongering and beating up

on the underdogs in their owncompany, because right now,

I'm not focusingon right-wing politics

or climate change denialor the fact that Bill O'Reilly

thinks all black peoplehave forehead tattoos, uh-uh.


I'm focusing on allegationsthat a company... a-a company

allowed its bossto harass employees,

then spent moneyto keep it secret,

and then, when those samevictims of harassment

tried to do the right thing andspeak out, punished them for it.

That's not fair and balanced.

That's evil and(bleep) disgusting.

(cheers and applause)

All right?

Now, let me also say,

there are plentyof sexist people out there

liberal and conservative,who think Gretchen Carlson

and Megyn Kellyand Andrea Tantaros

are nothing morethan a few pairs of long legs.

Shame on their employersfor being among them.

We'll be right back.

(cheers and applause)