#HashItOut with Franchesca Ramsey - Sexist Backlash over "Ghostbusters"

May 2, 2016 - Riki Lindhome 05/02/2016 Views: 740

Male commenters flood YouTube with complaints about the "politically correct" decision to cast women in the starring roles of the upcoming "Ghostbusters" movie. (3:24)

All right, welcome back!

Now, social mediais the one thing

that loves to hate us almostas much as we love to hate it.

So here to sort throughthis week's online smackdowns

is Nightly Show contributorFranchesca Ramsey

with her segment, "Hash It Out."

-♪ -(cheering, applause)

Thanks, Larry. This weekone movie trailer became

the most dislikedin YouTube history.

So, was it The Human Centipede, Gigli,

or The Hateful Eight?

I mean, Tarantino dropsthe N word more than Larry does.

-(laughter) -Nope.It's the new female-fronted

Ghostbusters trailer--because the Internet

is afraid of womenwho ain't afraid of no ghosts.

So, let's take a lookat some of the YouTube comments.

As a women, I feel attacked

when you don't proofreadyour comments.

Here's one.

A "classical movie"?


It's not Beethoven or...

even Beethoven.

Sure, the original was funny...

but let's be real--

Ghostbusters was made purelyas a vehicle for Dan Aykroyd

to get a blowjobfrom a sexy lady ghost.


And as far as I'm concerned,

if Leslie Jones doesn't gether carpet munched by a ghost

in the new movie,

I'm gonna be so pissed off!

(laughter, applause, whooping)

Come on.


Why wasn't that in the trailer?

Or this.

Ah, yes.

Because women busting ghosts

is way more unbelievablethan the actual existence

of (bleep) ghosts!



Do you really think

that women can't dealwith scary stuff?

Because we deal with scary stuffevery single day.

Walking past construction sites.

Walking to your carlate at night.

Walking through Comic Con asa fully clothed Princess Leia.

-(laughter)-Forget construction sites--

that (bleep) terrifying.

And how about this.

Black Rocky?I've got bad news for you, sir--

it was called Creed and it was awesome.

(cheering, applause)

And if you thinka trans Indiana Jones

is gonna ruin the franchise,might I remind you

of a little film called Kingdom of the Crystal Skull.

-(laughter) -And why doespolitical correctness come up

when women happento be in genres

that have excluded usin the past?

I thought nerds were supposedto be underdogs, not bullies.

This is likeif Captain America beat up

scrawny pre-Captain AmericaSteven Rogers,

or if your local Dungeon Master

suddenly madeall the players unicorn riders

or Arctic druidsfor no good reason.

Give Ghostbusters a chance.

Maybe it'll be good,maybe it'll be bad,

but it's not the factthat it's women

that will make it that way.

Just look at Batman v Superman.

You guys destroyed that oneall on your own.

(laughter, cheering, applause)

Yeah! Franchesca Ramsey,everyone!

We'll be right back! Whoo!

(cheering, applause)