Imagining President Trump's Cabinet

July 6, 2016 - Terry McMillan 07/06/2016 Views: 127,257

After Donald Trump announces that he wants to reveal some members of his cabinet before the election, Trevor envisions the GOP presidential hopeful's administration. (4:25)

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outside ofrunning for chairman

of the Saddam Hussein fan club,

Donald Trump is alsorunning for president.

And if he becomes president,the first thing he'll have to do

is assemble his cabinet.Uh, actually,

the first thing he'llhave to do is replace

all the pens with tiny pens

so his hands look normalin the photos.

That's the first thinghe'll have to do.

But then... but then he'll haveto assemble a cabinet, you know?

A secretary of defense,a secretary of state,

homeland security, uh, commerce.

But what exactlywill Trump's cabinet look like?

Well, we may know much soonerthan we previously thought.

REPORTER: He told Hugh Hewitt he's leaning toward announcing

some members of his cabinet before election day,

a practice he thought was common

until Hewitt told him otherwise.



I like how Donald Trumpcalls in to a radio show

to both campaign for president

and to learnabout being president.


"So the president-- he's onhe Supreme Court, right?"

"No, Donald,

the Supreme Court is thejudicial branch, remember?"

"Oh, yeah, oh, yeah,the judicial branch, yeah,

"more commonly knownas the senate.

Now I remember.Yeah, now I remember."

-(laughter)-Choosing a cabinet--

you know, the teamthey surround themselves with--

is one of the most crucialdecisions a leader makes.

Lincoln had his infamous teamof rivals.

Marky Mark had the Funky Bunch.

Batman had a brightly-decoratedpreteen, you know, which...

which I never really understood.

I mean, why would you makeRobin wear that?

It just seems like all thebad guys would focus on the...

"Oh my, God...! Oh!

That is heartless, Batman.Heartless."

So, the big question is, whoseadvice would Donald Trump take?

Who are you consulting withconsistently

so that you're ready on day one?

TRUMP: I'm speakingwith myself, number one,

Because I havea very good brain,

and I've said a lot of things.

-Do you...? -My primaryconsultant is myself.

And I have... you know,I have a good instinct.

I have a very good brain.


That sounds like somethingyou'd only hear

-from a guy with a bad brain.-(laughter)

I have... good brain.Net worth... very much.


But consulting himself mightactually work for Donald Trump,

because, you see,good presidents hire advisors

who disagree with themto challenge their thinking.

And no one disagrees with DonaldTrump more than Donald Trump.

And so, you ask the question,

what would Donald Trump'scabinet be?

Well, we thinkit would look like this.


Hello, folks.

-Hello. -Good morning.-Good morning. -Morning.

So today we're goingto be discussing

women's health issues.

Go ahead, go ahead.

I'm-I'm... very pro-choice.

Well, I'm pro-life.

You know, I've had somethingon my mind.

Nuclear proliferation.

I hate proliferation.I hate nuclear more than any.

My uncle was a professor at MIT.He used to tell me about...

Wouldn't you rather,in a certain sense,

have Japan have nuclear weaponswhen North Korea

-has nuclear weapons?-Next--

our foreign policy.

-China. -China. -China?

Qaddafi in Libyais killing thousands of people.

Go into Libya,knock this guy out very quickly.

I disagree totally.

We would be so much better off

if Qaddafi werein charge right now.

I love Mexican people.

The Hispanics love me.

I will build a wall.

This is a wallthat's going to work.

I don't know how people make iton $7.25... an hour.

Now with that being said,

I would like to see an increaseof some magnitude.

Wrong. Wages too high.

I hate to say it, but we haveto leave it the way it with is.

We're gonna build a wall!

It's very easyto be presidential.

I told you, I went tothe Wharton School of Finance.

I was, like... I'm, like,a really smart person.

All he I know iswhat's on the Internet.

This is a wallthat's a heck of a lot higher

than the ceilingyou're looking at.

-China.-China. I love China.

I'd drop a 25% tax on China.

Listen, you mother (bleep).we're gonna tax you.

This guy used a filthy,disgusting word.

He should be ashamed of himself,and he should apologize.

-Come on, come on, fellas.-I disagree totally.

-They lie.-Disgusting.

-But we have our own problems...-Not gonna be able to...

They're differentfrom most Republicans.

-They're living in hell.-China.

-Build a wall.-For some people.

-A total lie.-Bing-bing, bong.

Ah, I don't know what I said.

-Come on, fellas.-Quiet.

We are goingto make America great again.