Jordan Klepper Fingers the Pulse - Clinton and Trump Supporters Find Common Ground

November 8, 2016 - Election Night Special 11/08/2016 Views: 19,302

In the midst of the divisive 2016 election, Jordan Klepper challenges Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton supporters to say something nice about the opposing candidate. (3:52)

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The election is, uh,basically over.

I mean, it ends tonight.Or it begins.

But tomorrow, we're allgonna wake up and realize,

"Crap, we stillhave to live together."

How exactly is that gonna go?

Well, Jordan Kleppergot an early look.

KLEPPER: This has been a divisive nightmare

of an election. But in the spirit of moving forward,

at one of the debates, the candidates themselves

took an opportunity to say

one positive thing about each other.

I hitched a ride to a Trump rally to see if his supporters

were also ready to rise above the anger

and reach out to the other side.

Can you say one nice thingabout Hillary Clinton?

Not really.

-Not... not one?-No. No.

No, I have absolutelynothing nice to say

-about Hillary Clinton.-What about people

-who support Hillary?-I think they're idiots.

No, I c... I'm sorry.I'd like to be a gentleman

and say, "Yeah, she'sgot a nice kid." But, uh...

But she has a nice kid, right?

I guess.She hasn't proven herself

to be guilty of anything yet.

I'm sorry.Jordan, what can I tell you?

You're bumming methe (bleep) out, man.

Wow, that was depressing.

So I headed to a Hillary rally.

Surely her supporters would live up to their slogan

of "Stronger Together," and teach those

hateful Trump voters a thing or two about kindness.

What do you likeabout Donald Trump?

Nothing. He's an asshole.

Is there any good thing aboutDonald Trump that you could say?



I'll give you time.

Okay, let me think. Um... no.

-You didn't really think.-Yes, I did.

All right? No, you didn't.You changed your hair

a little bit and thenyou said the same thing.

-He has economic background.-Okay.

Whether he canput it into a plan

-that will suit our nation,I don't know. -Stop...

Yeah, no, stop. The first partwas a nice compliment.

You weren't loved enoughas a child.

-Oh, that's-that's...-Oh, baby.

Be nice, be nice.

So, both camps have a ways to go.

Maybe they just needed a little push.

What if I gave you two dollars--

would you say something niceabout Hillary Clinton?

-No.-What if I gave you ten dollars?

-No. -What if I told youit will help our society

to put aside your partisanshipand actually say something kind

about somebody thathalf the country supports?

-Not Hillary.-No, no, no. Okay.

How about this: Democrats like expressing their feelings.

Maybe that was the way in.

We're gonna doa "I feel" statement.

-Talk to Donald Trump.-Okay.

I want you to say, "When you'blank,' I feel 'blank'."

When you say,"Grab her by the pussy,"

I feel likea disrespected woman.

Okay, that's good.

When you say,"Let's build a wall,"

I say, "Let's build youinto the wall."

Okay, see what you did rightthere? You didn't say "I feel."

What you did is you used thatas an opportunity

-to be negative.-Mm-hmm.

Now, that's something...

You know who woulddo something like that?

-Donald Trump.-Don't do this.

This wasn't working. If I couldn't unite the people,

maybe I could unit their slogans.

Wait, no. That's not it. Good.

Okay, better. That can work.

Make Amer... Make America

-Stronger together again.-Stronger together again.

-Yeah, clunky, but it...-It works.

It's a co... It works.

Make Americastronger together again.

-Little bit of both.-Trump.

Way to move forward. Okay.Just trying to move us forward.

Make America strongertogether again.

Little bit of both.

You don't want it?

I mean, it's...

Yeah, it's's for us coming together.

In hell.

But then, just when I gave up hope,

I finally heard it, that one positive thing.

Okay, well,there's got to be something good

-about Donald Trump.-His comb-over.

Pretend your husbandis Hillary Clinton.

Say something nice.

I like your hair.

I mean, his hair is hilarious.

-His hair's real.-Nice hair.

So if there's one thing we can all rally around as a country,

it's great hair.

God bless America.