Trump Lets the Truth Come Out Post-Election

December 14, 2016 - Michael K. Williams 12/14/2016 Views: 444,560

During Donald Trump's "Thank You" tour, the president-elect smugly admits to lying about his campaign promises to lock up Hillary Clinton and "drain the swamp." (6:10)

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You know... I don't know...I don't know about you guys,

but, uh,I'm ready for 2016 to end.

I am so done with this year.

-(cheering, applause)-This was honestly

one of the (bleep) yearswe can remember.

And on top of thatit was a leap year,

so there was an extra dayof (bleep)-ness.

To be honest, only an assholewould be thankful

for a year like this.

NEWSMAN: President-Elect Donald Trump

kicking off his thank-you tour,

visiting the key battleground states

that helped secure his win against Hillary Clinton.

Of course-- the worst year forus is the best year for Trump.

You know? When we lose, he wins.

It's like he ownsone of those cleaning companies

that only cleans upcrime scenes.

He's like, "Oh, boy!Triple homicide! Cha-ching!"


And I-I thought the thank-youtour was a waste of time.

Honestly, I did.

Until I watched it...

and I realizedthat the thank-you tour

is actually someof the most important speaking

Donald Trump has done all year.

Like yesterday.

Trump was in Wisconsin, right?

And in betweenthanking the voters,

he also gave us a glimpseof his true relationship

with the speaker of the house.

Speaker Paul Ryan.Where's the speaker?

-(audience jeering)-Where is he?

He has been...

I'll tell you,he has been terrific.

And, you know, honestly,he's like a fine wine.

(laughter, jeering)

Every day goes by,

I get to appreciate his geniusmore and more.

Now, if he ever goes against me,I'm not gonna say that, okay?

I get the feelingthat when Trump says

Paul Ryan is like a fine wine,what he really means is that

he wants to lock Ryan up ina basement for, like, 40 years.

You've got to readbetween the lines.

But... but what stands outin that clip for me

is not the compliment, butit's how blatantly Trump admits

how empty his words are.

Just watch that last part again.

I get to appreciate his geniusmore and more.

Now, if he ever goes against me,I'm not gonna say that, okay?

Yeah, you see that?

Straight up.

If Paul Ryanis like a fine wine,

then Donald Trumpis like a fine meth.

-You know? Yeah.-(laughter)

Just a little, and you're, like,"What the (bleep) is going on?!"

The guy's blatantly saying it.

"I like him now,but if he goes against me,

I won't say that,I won't say that."

And this is notactually a new thing.

What we're seeing hereis a character

I like to call "Truth Trump."

You'll noticeif you watch him closely. Right?

The Donald voicessome political opinion,

and then Truth Trump slips outand tells you the real deal.

You've been hearing me sayit's a rigged system,

but now I don't say it anymorebecause I won.

-Okay? It's true.-(cheering)

You know, now I don't care.

I don't care.


You see?It throws everyone off.

Because politiciansaren't supposed to be honest

about their lying. Right?

You don't even get mad,you just get confused.

You really do. Imagineif your boyfriend was like,

"Baby, I didn't go to the club.I was home!

"Unless you were home, too,when, uh, I was,

"uh, somewhere else, uh, thenthat, uh, I was somewhere else.

"That doesn't make you mad.I mean, ha-ha, that's the thing.

But I wasn't at the club!"

And now, with this tour,Trump is finally admitting

that it was all bull (bleep).

He's admitting it blatantly.Blatantly.

Take Hillary for example. Right?

Trump spent the entire campaignsaying that Hillary

was a dangerous criminalwho had ruined the country,

and for that,he was gonna lock her up.

People chanted it.They held up signs.

He even said it to her faceat a debate.

It was the one specific pieceof policy he had.

But now that he's gotwhat he wanted,

Truth Trumptells it like it is.

Because I heard my opponent had

scheduled Michigan unexpectedly,

it was like, all of a sudden,

with President Obamaand Michelle,

and Bill and Hillary.

-And they were goingto Michigan. -(crowd boos)

No, it's okay. No.

-Forget it. -CROWD:Lock her up! Lock her up!

-Lock her up!-That plays great...

before the election.Now we don't care, right?

I'm sorry, what?

He even said, "It plays great"?

Just, it plays greatbefore the election,

but now we don't care? Yeah?

Like-like, everyone elsewas doing this (bleep) for real,

and he was just playing,he was just testing it out?

You can even feel some peoplein the crowd were like,

"Yeah... Wait, we were playing?

"Come on. I wrote thaton grandpa's tombstone.

I took that seriously."

That's not eventhe biggest surprise.

Because, look, I can get goinghard on your opponents, right?

But Trump's campaign'scentral appeal

was that he was an outsider,

a man whose main missionwas to drain the swamp.

He said it all the time.

He was going to get ridof the lobbyists

and get rid of Wall Street money

and give D.C.back to the people.

But Truth Trump,he tells it like it is.

We're goingto drain the swamp...

of corruption.

Funny how that termcaught on, isn't it?

I tol... I tell everyone--I hated it.

Somebody said,"drain the swamp."

I said, "Oh, that's so hokey.That is so terrible.

I said, "All right,I'll try it'."

So, like a month ago,I said, "drain the swamp."

Place went crazy.I said, "Whoa.

What's this?"Then I said it again.

Then I started saying itlike I meant it, right?

And then I said it...I started loving it.

And the place loved it.Let's drain the swamp.

I mean, it's true. It's true.

It's true. Drain the swamp.

You can feel the audience isgoing like...are we in on this?

I genuinely don't know why thisisn't the biggest news story.

The man is saying that the basicpromises of his campaigne

is bullshit.

And he's saying it right to thepeople who believed him

as if they knew it was bullshit.

and for some reason all of thisis happening after the news

stopped covering his rallies.Now he's telling the truth.

Just running out there going

"It's all here folks. This ishow I did it."

You know what Trump is like?He's like a magician

telling everyonehow he did the trick,

and still some peopleare like, "Wow, magic.

"It's magic.