Milk the Mehmooni King

Inspired by Isis Season 1, Ep 4 10/12/2016 Views: 2,955

Milk's party rampage in Ubombastan attracts some unwanted attention. (0:58)

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[upbeat Arabian music]

- Milk, take my hand,and I will show you

how we mehmooni in my home.

- Okay then.Hey.

[sexy music]

all: Surprise!

- Jeah, I know y'all gotthe snaps on the petro,

so let's give it upfor my boy Milk.


- Yo, how you know Eihtwas that dude for me?

- I did not know.

He is that dudefor me, also.

[romantic Arabian music swells]

[photos snapping]

[hip-hop music]

[water bubbling]

[photos snapping]

- Kiss my black ass,America.

I ain't nevercoming back.

[all cheer]

[photo snaps]

[keys clack]

- Captain!

A Jew-Americanwith spiky hair

is at anillegal mehmooni.

And he's dancing; he's drinking;and he's high-fiving.

- Spiky hair?

He's Americanand homosexual?

He does not leave alive.

[dramatic music pounds]