Charlamagne Tha God - Not Shying Away From Controversy on "The Breakfast Club" - Uncensored

October 11, 2016 - Charlamagne Tha God - Uncensored 10/11/2016 Views: 11,921

Charlamagne Tha God explains how he inadvertently creates controversies on his radio show "The Breakfast Club" and discusses the Respect My Vote campaign. (6:05)

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Please welcomeCharlamagne Tha God.

-♪ -(cheering, applause)

What's up, Trev?

-What's up, man?-How are you?

All good.

-Hey!-(cheering, applause)

-What up, Trev?-Welcome to the show, man.

-Thank you for having me, man.-Thank you for being here.

Thank you so muchfor being here.

For some people who do not know,uh, who you are...

A lot of peoplewho don't know who I am.

Yeah, but some--we're just gonna say some.

-A lot of peopleknow your voice. -Uh-huh.

Because you're on radio...uh, one of the biggest

radio stations, it's syndicatedall over the country.

70-plus markets,but who's counting?

The Breakfast Club through iHeart. Yeah. Yeah.

Uh, you guysare really successful.

-Praise G... Praise be to God.-Yeah, well, w...

-"Tha God" or...-No-- God,

-like, the big manupstairs. Yeah. -Oh.

Well, some peopleare confused...

what-what doesCharlamagne Tha God mean?

Well, you know,I used to, um, sell crack,

so when I used to sell crackI used to say

my name was Charles,'cause that was like a aka,

because I didn'twant to know who... my...

If I said my real name,then they would, you know,

know I was my father's son,'cause my name is Larry.

-And I'm from a real small town.-Wait, wait, wait,

so, you sold crackand you're like...

you're like, "I'm a drug dealer,so my name's gonna be Charles."

Yeah, it's complicated.I did it when I was 17,

don't judge me for it.It-it works... it works now.

-Yeah, it works now.-I like how...

-Yeah, I don't...-(cheering, applause)

-You know what I love?-Yeah.

You know what I lovein that whole exchange?

He's like, uh, "My name--don't judge me for that.

The crack-dealing? Whatever."Uh...


That was my past life, though.

-Uh...-I don't glorify that at all.

Let's... let... And you don't.You actually don't. You...

Nah, I think that's whack.I think it's corny.

You're one of those people whohas become really successful,

specificallyfor speaking your mind.

Some people have referred to you

as the Howard Stern of hip-hop radio.

Minus about a billion dollars.

-(laughter)-Which... which...

Like, some people go,as an insult.

-You take it as a compliment.-Yeah.

Do you try to be that?

Do you try to be controversialon your show?

No. Absolutely not.I mean, I think it's funny

that I get paid for somethingthat people should do anyway,

which is just be honest,you know?

-Like, that shouldn't bea skill set. -Yeah.

But you're honest.Like, for people who don't know,

-you should go check outthe clips. -Mm-hmm.

It's really funnyand scary at the same time.

You get threatenedby rappers regularly.

Uh, for instance, todayBeanie Sigel came to your show.

-Yeah. -And thenhe wanted to punch you

on the show for being honest.

You have the infamous"Put some respeck on it"

-from Birdman.-Birdman, yeah.

Birdman, who came to the show,and he, too, wanted to end you.

-Yeah. -Um...-(laughter)

How sustainable is this?

-I mean, I've been doing radio,-(laughter)

for, like, 18 years,and you know what's funny?

I don't give it as much thoughtas I should,

'cause I just feel like there'sother things in the world

to be more concerned aboutlike ISIS.

You want rappers to dealwith ISIS?


(laughing): I'm just hoping...I'm just not...

Like, I don't concern myselfwith what rappers are thinking

about doing to meon a daily basis.

But you-you know what's excitingfor me

is you've got a show that peoplewouldn't typically think

-MM-hmm. -would have the reachthat it does,

-because you have...-Why? Because we're black?

-Yeah, because you're blackand you're hip-hop. -Okay.

You're black and you're hip-hop,specifically.

Well, hip-hop is pop culturenow, though.

Yeah, but you had HillaryClinton coming to your show.

-Yeah. -And then whenshe came on the show,

you said to her face,

you were like, "Yo, I think youpander to black people."

Well, let's put that in context,Trev, okay?


My co-host, Angela Yee asked herwhat she carries in her bag.

-And she said hot sauce.-Yes.

So I said, you know this isgonna be one of those times

when people say you're panderingto black people.

So, so you called her outon that.

You call people out.

Donald Trump, uh, has neverbeen on your show.

I don't think he ever will.

Uh, you have him as the Donkeyof the Day on your show,

-almost every day.-He has the mo...

I do a segment every day on myshow called Donkey of the Day,

where I give somebody the creditthey deserve for being stupid.

He has received the mostDonkey of the Days ever!


-Ever!-(cheers and applause)

-You know, Charlamagne, let meask you a question. -Okay.

So if Donald Trumpcame to your show.

He was sitting across from youlike many of the rappers do.

What would you ask him?What is the one thing

you would want to askDonald Trump to his face?

Have you grabbed a pussythis morning?


That would be my, that would bemy number one question.

Listen, there is nothing else

to talk to Donald Trump about,okay?

I feel like, first of all,he knows nothing about politics

so why are you ever discussing,you know, politics with him?

-Like, so the only th...-(applause)

Only thing to talk aboutDonald Trump with

at this point is pussy.

And I feel sorry for HillaryClinton because it's, like,

whether you love heror hate her,

she's clearly more thanqualified

to be President of theUnited States of America.

-She has...-(applause)

She has the most experience,

but she's trying to prove toAmerica

that she can run the coun--run the country

better than a reality show starcan?

It's literally like LeBron Jamestrying to prove himself

playing basketballagainst Peter Griffin.

-It's like... It's like...-(laughter)

It's ridiculous.

I, uh, y-you know, um,y-you have a great campaign

running on the showthat you're a part of,

and is, uh,Respect My Vote.

Respect My Vote, yeah.

Respect My Vote.

Yeah. Go to

Register to vote,if you haven't.

What does Respect My Vote mean?

It just means that,you know, uh...

I think, I think, personallyit's respect your right to vote,

'cause I think,you know, right now,

we're lookingat this (bleep) show,

we're calling a Presidentialelection, and everybody's, like,

"Oh, I'm not voting for eitherone of them."

But if you don't have a bettersolution than that,

I think you should get out inNovember and vote.

But wh-wh-wh... I-I hear you,and I agree with you.

But, uh, someone says to you,they go, "Charlamagne.

"I hear what you're saying.I love your show.

"I love everything you say.

"But I don't feel like eitherof these candidates speak to me.

-"I'm a young person.I'm a black person. -Yeah.

This is not a world I want to beinvolved in. Why do I vote?"

I'm gonna say what othersolutions do you have?

If you don't haveany other solutions,

you need to go out thereand vote.

But I do agreewith a Jay Z line.

Jay Z has a line where he says,

"Government, F government.We politic ourselves."

So even if you do vote,

you still have toempower yourself

in some way, shape or form.

I feel like you can't look foreither presidential candidate

to "save you", you know,

but you put the best personin office

that you thinkis good for the job,

but then you have to do thingsfor yourself

to put yourself in positionsin life to win.

(cheering and applause)

You're a pleasure to haveon the show, my friend.

Thank you for having me, man.

-Thank you so much for beinghere. -Yes, sir.

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Charlamagne Tha God, everybody!