Donald Trump Tries to Appeal to Black Children

October 18, 2016 - Uzo Aduba 10/18/2016 Views: 58,294

Presidential hopeful Donald Trump makes not-so-great strides in his effort to appeal to African-American youths. (3:06)

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there are only 21 daysuntil the election.

So you better orderthat survival kit now

if you want free shipping.And-and right now,

many people would say things arenot looking good for Mr. Trump.

A new poll shows Clintonleading nationally 47% to 38%.

And among women, she's beatingTrump by almost 20 points.

Yeah, right now, even crampsare polling higher with women.

Uh, but there is... there isone group of Americans

with whom Trump is improving,and that's black children.

I'm serious. I'm serious.Check out this photo

from last month of Trump'smeeting Little Miss Flint.

That-that is not a good picture.

Look at her face.

She knows that danger is coming.

You see, a lot of peopledon't realize this,

but black childrenare like an old man's knee

before a hurricane--they can sense

when trouble is on the way.And that's not the only one.

I mean, two weeks after that,in Las Vegas,

while visiting a first gradeclassroom, Trump continued

his adventuresin African-American awkwardness.


-(chuckling)-(camera shutters clicking)


That girl is so creeped outby Trump.

She is so uncomfortable,and she grew up in Las Vegas.

Don't forget that.

A town where she walks by thison her way to school.

Don't ever forget that.

How much does it suck

that this girl's first kisswas almost with Donald Trump?

She'd be telling the storyforever, like,

"Yeah, it wasthis creepy old guy.

"He wanted to be president.

I shut that down so quick.I was like..."

So it's-it's been a bad roadfor Donald Trump.

But yesterday, yesterday,baby steps.

REPORTER: Donald Trump spoke at a rally in Wisconsin

where he tried to show a bit of a softer side.

That is the most beautifullittle girl. Hi, honey.

Do you want to come upand see me?

(crowd awwing)

(crowd cheering)


Oh, no, I'm not gonna lie.That's adorable.

And also statisticallyimpossible

that what girl would beat his rally.

I mean, yeah, her parentsdefinitely promised her

some McDonald'sif she went up onstage.

But-but, Donald Trump,he should have quit

while he was still ahead.

-What's your name?-Solamnish.


Oh, that's... Say it.

My name's Solamnish.

-What a beautiful personyou are. -Thank you.

Thank you, honey. Come here.

(crowd cheering)

(laughter, groaning)

I love how Donald Trump isso repulsive to little girls

they dodge himlike Floyd Mayweather.

It's just like...He was so close.

I also enjoyed how Donald Trumpcouldn't even come close

to pronouncing that girl's name.Did you notice that?

"What's that?"(mumbles)

"S-So... Why don't you just usethe mike?

"You just do it yourself.

"You just... just do ityourself. Go ahead.

Go-go ahead. Go ahead."