President Obama Stumps for Hillary Clinton

September 15, 2016 - Bill Clinton 09/15/2016 Views: 25,097

While Hillary Clinton is sick with pneumonia, President Obama gives her presidential campaign a boost in Philadelphia. (3:15)

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So, uh, while China'scelebrating the end of fall,

Hillary Clintonhas recovered from hers,

and, uh, she's backon the campaign trail.

As you know, she spent the wholeweek recovering from pneumonia,

so her opponent, Donald Trump,

well, he got to be the onlycandidate out there this week,

because all his diseasesare psychological.


But Hillary still had to get hermessage out there,

and luckily, she rolls deep.

Her campaign is dispatchinga powerful group of surrogates

to campaign on her behalf.

Top White House Democrats willbe hitting the trail,

President Obama among them,

First Lady Michelle Obama,

Vice President Joe Biden.



I also like how no one mentionedTim Kaine at all.

Yeah, you know the campaignwas like,

"Hey, uh, Hillary needs,uh, you, Tim,

"uh, to finish thisthousand-piece jigsaw puzzle.

You're the only onewho can do it."

So, uh, Obama made timeto help out his one-time rival,

although, uh, that's a gamble,you know?

I'm gonna say this, I'm not surethe way to get Americans excited

about Hillary is by remindingthem just how amazing you are.

More Americans are working,more have health insurance,

incomes are rising,poverty is falling...

WOMAN:And gas is two dollars!

And gas-gas istwo dollars a gallon.

(cheers and applause)

Thank you for reminding me!

Thanks, Obama!

(cheers and applause)

Think about what's happenedto the Republican party.

Donald Trump says stuff everyday that used to be considered

as disqualifyingfor being president.

Have you noticed how,when President Obama speaks,

like, he's the only Democratwho doesn't seem to get angry

when talking about Donald Trump.

He looks bemused.

He looks bemusedthat the country

would go from him to that.

Even his tone of voice.

He's like, "Wow, you-you guys.

"Uh, you real... okay.

"So, from me...Okay, let me get this straight.

"So when you were complaining,

"you were going to go...Oh, okay.

"I don't understand.

"Oh, uh, wow, you really didn'tlike the black thing, huh?

Oh, wow. Okay."

Now, now the reason Obamawas in Philadelphia

was because Hillary needsto win Pennsylvania,

and a turnout in Phillycould decide the election.

The big question is,

how much swayover Philadelphians

does Obama really have?

We've got somebody who fainted,this is what happens.

They'll be okay,just give them a little room.

Everybody bend their kneesone time.

Just don't lock your knees.

Keep on bending thema little bit.

We'll do a little exerciseright now.

-How much charisma...-(laughter)

...can one man have?

Everyone was like,"Yeah, bend your knees.

"Bend your knees!

"Bend your knees,bend your knees.

"Maybe this way he'll stay!

"Bend your knees!

Everyone, do it!"

Wouldn't it be so great if Obama

was just secretlyconverting the crowd to Islam?

If he was just like,"All right, bend your knees.

"Bend your knees, uh, now let'sbow down towards Mecca, folks.

Okay, okay. Now trust me,it's for your health."