Blacklash 2016: The Unblackening - Wild Claims from the Trump Campaign

August 15, 2016 - Julie Klausner 08/15/2016 Views: 16,015

Katrina Pierson tries to rewrite America's 2001 invasion of Afghanistan, and Donald Trump sort of takes back his "sarcastic" claim that President Obama founded ISIS. (8:52)

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In fact, in fact, in fact,I think we have a photo

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Yeah! You're welcome, America.

You're welcome.

But black and white aren't theonly issues out there right now.

Orange seems to be the biggestproblem facing America.

WOMAN:Yes! Yes!

So let's check in and see what'shappening with the Unblackening.



(screeching and yelling)


That thing's gonna haunt mefor a long time.

-(laughter)-It is.

Okay, now, last week,I made a few jokes

at the expense of Trump'sspokes-goblin Katrina Pierson.


Um, I don't wantto give the impression

I was picking on her justbecause she's working for Trump.

I would never do that.

-Goblin lives matter, you guys.-(laughter)

Okay? They matter.


But then she has to goand say this.

Remember, we weren't evenin Afghanistan by this time.

Barack Obama wentinto Afghanistan,

creating another problem.

-No, no, no, no!-(laughter)

No, Obama did not gointo Afghanistan!

Now you're just being stupidfor stupid's sake!

-WOMAN: Yeah, there you go!-Okay?

But I don't understand.What is wrong with you people?

Perhaps you're not familiarwith all the disasters

from the Bush Administration.

There was a terrorist attack.We got into two wars.

Vice president shot his friend,for Christ's sakes.

There was a horrible hurricane,which, thanks to you,

is no longer the first thingthat comes up when you Google

the words "Katrina"and "Total (bleeping) show."




but... but--

sorry--maybe you were going fast

and you didn't mean to say that.

Let me give youthe benefit of the doubt.

That was Obama's war, yes.


But look at the confident wayshe spews that bull (bleep).

"It was Obama's war, yes."


Now, earlier today she admittedshe got this wrong,

after the entire world told hershe was wrong.

But here's whatreally gets me, guys.

She's the spokesperson for a man

seeking the highest officein the land.

All she had to do was be alivefor the last 16 years...

right, to have knownshe was wrong.

And keep in mind, as a goblin,

she may have been alivefor centuries.


All right? I'm just saying.

-(applause, whooping)-This is possible.

Also, here's the other thing.And these Trump surrogates

not only spew these lies,like, with confidence,

sometimes the bull (bleep)coming out of their mouths

surprises even them.

So to be clear, Mr. Trumphas no financial relationships

with any Russian oligarchs?

If that's what he said,I... that's what I said...

that's obviously what the...our position is.

-(laughter)-Oh, my God.

Oh, my God.

The bull (bleep) is comingout of his mouth so fast,

you almost wantto hold his head back, right?


Go ahead, man, get it out.Take your time.


(groans) But someonewho doesn't seem to mind

the taste of bull (bleep)in their mouth is the...

is the bovine dungconnoisseur himself.

President Obama.

He is the founder of ISIS.

He's the founder of ISIS. Okay?

-(cheering)-He's the founder.

He founded ISIS.

And... I would say the cofounder

would becrooked Hillary Clinton.

Mm, mm, mm.

Please make upyour own joke there.


But Trump soon followedthat bat (bleep) crazy statement

by doing somethingvery presidential--

sendinga bat (bleep) crazy tweet.

All right?

(audience gasps, groans)


Well, but that's not sarcasm.

Sarcasm is when you tellyour friend with the ugly shirt,

"Hey, nice shirt."


Not sure why you would do thatto your friend

who's just tryingto get back on the dating scene

after his divorce, but...

Regardless,sarcasm is a pretty lame excuse.

But at least Trump kind ofadmitted he was wrong, right?

Obviously, I'm being sarcastic.Then... then...

But not that sarcastic,to be honest with you.


"To be honest"?You're never honest with us!

The end of your sentencestated the complete opposite

of the beginningof your sentence.

Do you have any ideahow confused

the middle of your sentence is?



I got to Keep It 100about this election.

Donald Trumphas stopped being funny,

he's stopped being outrageous,

he's stopped beingpolitically incorrect--

he's just downright dangerous.


(whooping, applause)

Let me tell you.

And the worst...

and the worst of it is,he's just a liar, okay?

And I don't want to hear...

(mocking):"Hillary Clinton's a liar, too."

Okay? That isa false equivalency.

Let me tell you something.

Hillary Clinton is a very smartand capable politician

who many people don't trustbecause she spends too much time

lawyering her wordsso she doesn't lose votes,

instead of telling us whatshe actually (bleep) thinks.

All right?

Donald Trump is apsychopathic narcissist who...

-(cheers and applause)-MAN: Go, Larry.

...not only has the hands of aninfant, he has the mind of one.


(cheers and applause)

I'm just saying.

I'm justsaying.

And I apologize to all infants.



So, stop comparing the two.

Donald Trump is an existentialthreat to America.

And if you love America,like me,

you have to hopethat Hillary Clinton wins

every single electoral votethis November.

-(applause, cheering)-Let me just say.

Let me make this clear.


It's not so much that"I'm with her."

It's that I'm with her.

We'll be right back.

(cheers and applause)