Soccer Hooligans Riot in France

June 16, 2016 - Deshauna Barber 06/16/2016 Views: 14,287

Russian and British soccer fans get violent (and musical) for a third straight day during the UEFA European Championship in France. (1:34)

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But first, breaking news:the Euro 2016 soccer tournament

is happening right nowin France,

and (bleep) is getting crazy.

Violence among football fans

for a third straight dayin France.

English and Russian fans

who met in the Euro 2016 championship

clashed yet again on Saturday.

NEWSMAN: This is a thug's eye view of the violence.

One Russian hooligan actually filming his own rampage

through the streets of Marseille.

I am shocked and disgusted.

Green-striped shorts, people?

-(laughter)-This is France--

you got to up your riot fashion.

And by the way, uh, Russia,

do you guys need dash-camson everything? Do...

Like, you'rerunning around ranting.

Now, the violence betweenthese Russian and British fans

has been insane, which I thinkreally shows the big difference

between Americanand European football.

You see, in Europe, it's thefans that get the concussions.

And... the British arepartly to blame for all of this,

because they've been tauntingthe Russian fans

in the most British waypossible-- with pop songs.

"(bleep) off, Russia"?

♪ We're England and Wales ♪

♪ (bleep) off, Russia.

That's not very catchy.It's not...

I understand the sense of it,but it's not catchy.

You need to workon catchy tunes.

You need to be like,♪ Hey, I just met you

♪ And this is crazy,but (bleep) off, Russia! ♪