The Highs and Lows of the Golden Globe Awards

January 9, 2017 - Susan Goldberg 01/09/2017 Views: 96,584

At the 2017 Golden Globes, white celebrities conflate the African-American-led films "Hidden Figures" and "Fences," and Meryl Streep takes Donald Trump to task. (8:24)

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So let's move to our top story,the Golden Globes,

uh, which by the way, is alsowhat Trump calls boobs.

Last night the HollywoodForeign Press Association

held its 74th annual awards show

honoring the bestin film and television.

Now, over the last few years,there's been a lot of focus

on diversity at award shows,and yesterday,

it was really great to see

so many black artistsacknowledged for their work.

One thing to highlight was

it was the most diverseGolden Globes.

TV REPORTER:Moonlight won best picture.

Tracee Ellis Ross winning forher role on Black-ish.

TV REPORTER: Viola Davis won the award for best actress

in a supporting role for Fences.

TV REPORTER:Atlanta took home best comedy

and best comedic actor.

-That's right.-(cheering and applause)

That's right. What a night.

What a night for black actors,

and they even pronouncedall their names correctly.

You know that's just becauseChiwetel Ejiofor

wasn't nominated this year,right?

Yeah. Everyone was like,give them the awards

before he comes back,give them the awards.

We can all pronounce Viola.

I do feel badfor the Golden Globes, though,

because last nightthere were several films,

uh, starring black peoplethat were in the running.

Two films, in particular.

Fences, which is an adaptationof an August Wilson play

starring Denzel Washingtonand Viola Davis,

and the other film, Hidden Figures.

Completely different movie

about the black femalemathematicians

whose work at NASA helped puta man in space,

which is an amazing story.

If you haven't watched themovie, you really should.

It's heroic work, you know?

And I'm not impressed that blackwomen could do math

and send a man to space;that's not impressive.

I know black women are smartand can-can do anything.

What's impressive to me,

is that they agreed to bringhim back from space.

That was the thing.

They were like,yeah, we'll send him up

and we'll bring thatwhite (bleep) back.

Because they could have justgotten one number wrong

and been like, yeah,it's fine, it's fine.

They're like, and then it'slike, all right.

Yeah, he's in space.You next.

All right. You're going up next.

And now you, and now you.

How come no one's coming back?

I guess you should havemade me supervisor,

that's what you shouldhave done.

You should have made mesupervisor.

(cheering and applause)

So, these are twototally different movies.

The only thingthey have in common

is that black peopleare in leading roles.


and Hidden Figures.

For best supporting actressin a motion picture,

here are the nominees.

Viola Davis, Fences.

Octavia Spencer, Hidden Fences.

So, you're nominatedfor Hidden Fences.

How cool is it?You said that this party's

known for a little drinking...


you can see, in that moment,Pharrell, in his head,

he's like,"♪ I'm not happy. "

You can see he's like, "Hidden Figures.

Figures, figures."In his head, he's like,

"It's 'figure,' it's 'figure.'I mean, come on, figure, please,

you know what this is."And my thing is this,

my thing is this:you know what a hot-button topic

black filmsat award shows has become.

Like, if there werejust three movies,

make sure you rememberthe three. There's just three.

Like, if there's five...There's not gonna be five,

so just remember the three.

Come on, Hollywood,you're telling me

you can tell the difference

between Ryan Goslingand Ryan Reynolds,

but you can't tell thedifference between these movies?

I mean, look at these guys,look at them, huh?

They're both white, they bothhave beards, both Canadian,

they both are really,really handsome,

both got those dreamy eyesthat pierce into your soul

and make youwant to kiss them in the rain

and just, like,question everything

you've learned in lifeand just...

wish you could find themon a night and j-and j...

But that's-that's not the point.The point is

I can tell the differencebetween them.

But let's look on the brightside. The bright side is

at least now there are enoughblack movies nominated

for people to be confused,So, progress. Yeah, progress.

-Yeah. That's what it is,progress. -(cheering, applause)

It could have been worse.It could have been a lot worse.

It could have beensomeone going, "Hey, Pharrell,

I loved you in 12 Years a Madea Halloween."

Could have been a lot worse.And right now,

Tyler Perry's at home going,"Mmm, I like that,

12 Years a Madea Halloween."

But as is often the casein Hollywood, uh,

whenever Meryl Streepis involved in something,

there's a good chancethat she's gonna steal the show,

and last nightwas no different.

There was one performancethis year that stunned me.

It was that momentwhen the person asking to sit

in the most respected seatin our country

imitated a disabled reporter.

It kind of broke my heartwhen I saw it,

and I stillcan't get it out of my head,

because it wasn't in a movie.

It kind of gives permissionfor other people

to do the same thing.

Disrespect invites disrespect.

Violence incites violence.

When the powerfuluse their position

to bully others, we all lose.

-Wow. Wow.-(cheering, applause)



that was powerful.

Although I could see Denzelsitting there going,

"I still think I was betterin Fences, but whatever."

Even in a careerdistinguished as Meryl's,

her speech last nightwas a highlight.

And, you know, she spoketo so many things.

It was really great, except...

except for this onetiny part for me.

Where Meryl Streep,like her character

in Florence Foster Jenkins, was tone deaf.

Hollywood is crawling withoutsiders and foreigners,

and if we kick 'em all out,you'll have nothing to watch

but footballand mixed martial arts,

which are not the arts.

I understand what Meryl Streepwas trying to do.

And I don't know if I could havedone better in that moment,

but here's a thing I feel likewe could all learn as people:

you don't have tomake your point by (bleep)

on someone else's thing.Because a lot of people

love football and the arts.

I know yesterday I was watchingthe football with friends

and then I went onto watch the Golden Globes.

A lot of the time footballand arts go hand in hand.

For instance,NFL commissioner Roger Goodell

acts like he caresabout concussions.

You see? They go together.They go together.

But-but the truth is,

if you focus on that-on thatpart of her speech, all right?

That's the one part of thespeech-- if you focus on it,

you miss the larger point. Itwas a speech about respect,

it was a speech about empathy,and most importantly

it was a speechabout responsibility.

We need the principled press

to hold power to account,

to-to call them on the carpetfor every outrage.

'Cause we're gonnaneed them going forward,

and they'll need usto safeguard the truth.

Wow. You know what,I can't front, man.

If they... if they gave awardsfor accepting awards,

Meryl Streepwould win that award.

I mean, that means she'd bestuck in, like, a time loop

of accepting.No, 'cause then she'd win

and then she'd acceptfor winning

and then she'd goand then she'd win again

and then... and then we'd betrapped in this world,

it'd be like a black hole,a time loop

that we wouldn't be ableto escape.

We would be like,"Ah, we can't escape,

"but this is betterthan a Trump presidency,

so let's stay here."But still would escape.

But here-here's one thoughtI had on last night's awards.

I think it was a little weirdthat last night

Hollywood celebrated itselffor being progressive

but, at the same time, ignored

how much they reinforcenegative stereotypes.

Because, think about it,in Hollywood,

Middle Easterners arealmost always terrorists, right?

Black people are gangstersand slaves.

And it's not like there aren'tother diverse stories to tell.

I mean, just lookat Hidden Fences, you know?

If you think about it,if you think about it,

even Hollywood dogshave more varied roles.

If you only make storiesthat show people a certain way,

there's a good chance thatthey will be perceived that way.

And if you want to fixthe problem

of how people are perceivedin America, then, actually,

maybe what you need...Actually, you know what, I'm...

I realize I'm wasting my time.If I...

if I want anyone to listento any of this,

I have to win an awardand then make it my accep...

In fact, I'm gonna...You know what,

I'm gonna make my own awardright now.

And the award forBest Mixed-Race Late Night Host

Named Trevor...

And the winner is...

It's Meryl Streep.No! The winner's me!

-The winner's me.Thank you. Oh... -♪

(cheering and applause)

Oh, wow!

Wow! Oh!

Oh, wow. Thank you...thank you so much!

I-I just want to say real quick,

-diversity'snot just about a quota. -♪

-It's also about... I-Ididn't even... -Right this way.

I didn't even start speaking.Thank you, Mom! Thank you, Mom!