Texas Students Opt for C**ks Not Glocks

September 14, 2016 - Hannah Hart 09/14/2016 Views: 65,593

Roy Wood Jr. talks to students at the University of Texas who are carrying dildos to protest guns on campus. (5:18)

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Now, every state in Americaseems to have

its own unique wayof dealing with gun rights.

Uh, you know, in Texas,they believe

that the only thing that stopsa bad guy with a gun

is a good guy with a...

Well, I'll let Roy Wood Jr.tell you.

WOOD: School's back in session, which means college students

are stocking up on textbooks, cargo shorts,

and, in Texas, ammunition?

REPORTER: Texas will allow people

with concealed handgun permits

to carry their guns into public university buildings,

classrooms, and dorms.

WOOD: That's right. Now the freshman 15

is just how many bullets your gun can hold.

But with campus shootings on the rise,

Open Carry Texas founder C.J. Grisham says

it's about damn time.

Wherever I plant my feetas a free man,

I should be ableto carry my firearm.

So everywhere but space.

Yeah. Pretty much.

I should be able to carry my guninto that classroom,

into that cafeteria,into that stadium.

The place wherethere's all the alcohol?

People carry into Olive Gardenall the time,

and they serve alcohol there,and we don't have shootouts.

Well, of course nobody'sshooting at Olive Garden.

When you're there,you're family.

We're not talking about anybody

being ableto carry onto a campus.

We're talkingabout 21-year-old students

-who have been trained.-Okay.

WOOD: But even in cowboy country,

not everybody was welcoming

their new locked-and-loaded classmates.

Lady that hates guns-- Jessica Jin.

Guns should not beon college campuses.

But this is Texas, though.

You know the Texas state motto.

If it moves, shoot it.

I don't think thata student has the capability

to react appropriatelyin the unlikely event

of a mass shooter.

But they have a gun.They're trained.

In Texas,it only takes four hours

to get a concealed handgunlicense.

-Wait. Four hours to learn howto shoot a gun? -Right.

I had a job at Baskin-Robbins.

It took them a week to teach mehow to scoop ice cream.

A week to learn how to do that.

Okay, maybe the training is a little lax,

but what are these sexting, friendstergramming

millennials gonna do about it?

We're fighting guns on campuswith dildos.

Y'all just carrying dildosaround?

Absolutely. We are strapping

gigantic dildosto our backpacks.

This is a family show.

You don't bring...

Mama, turn the channel.

My mama watch this (bleep) now.

We're fighting absurditywith absurdity.

WOOD: Or at least that was the plan.

It turns out that it's illegal

to openly brandish a dildoa Texas.


So this is legal,this is illegal?

Welcome to Texas.

Why is this blurred out?

Damn, it's illegalon Comedy Central, too.

Even though it was illegal, Jin's rebellious

dildo protest caught fire

and spread like an STD on a college campus.

Students proudly showed off their dildos to show

gun activists that-that...

Oh. Ooh. Oh, my God, he just

throwing all the dicks in the... That is a lot of dicks.

GRISHAM: Bringing dildos

onto a college campus--

it's very vulgar,it's very obscene, and

I think waving a penis aroundis, uh, quite, quite immature.

I mean, we are talkingabout college students

who probably haven'tmatured yet.

WOOD (groaning): This dude is gonna give me a migraine.

Should you have a gunif you haven't fully matured?

Yes. Immature peoplecan still be very responsible.

WOOD: But Grisham still had more to prove.

The left has this obsessionwith male genitalia.

They saythat because I carry a gun,

I'm obviously compensatingfor something.

What you packing?

I carry a normal size, uh,or average size .45.

Why'd you say "average"?

It's about average.It's about, uh... four inches.

Barrel length.

You ever thoughtabout extending that barrel?

The larger the gun,the harder it is to conceal.

-That's for sure.-Oh, I know.

Grisham wasn't taking these dildos laying down,

so we set up a massive counter-protest.

All right, it was four (bleep) with a sign and a big rifle.

There was purposeto us open-carrying a gun--

to show that we're not a threat.

Because of this protest,I've gotten death threats.

WOOD: These aren't casual threats.

One pro-gun advocate went so far

as to release a film

of someone murdering a dildo protester.

But dildo-haters and Texas laws weren't enough

to keep Jessica's dicks at home.

It doesn't feel goodto walk around

with a dildo in my backpack.

But people have become so numbto gun violence in America.

Our dildos are an objectof political resistance.

WOOD: To keep Jessica out of jail,

I had to help these illegal dick protestors.

I will teach you the techniques

of proper protestingas taught to me by

a couple of civil rights moviesthat I watched this morning.

My solution-- make dildos legal on a Texas campus

-by adding a gun. -(people chanting)

-WOOD: Put your dicksin the air! -Cocks not Glocks!

Cocks not Glocks!

Let's go!Cocks not Glocks!

Cocks not Glocks!Cocks not Glocks!

Who knows? Maybe we can bring these two sides together.

If your firearm makessomeone uncomfortable,

what should they do?

Uh, close their eyes.

Educate themselves.

Take this. Look at that.

I'm actually a littleuncomfortable holding it.

I just don't like...holding one of these.

WOOD: Well, maybe you should close your eyes

and educate yourself.