Trump vs. the Truth: The Russian Hacking Report

January 9, 2017 - Susan Goldberg 01/09/2017 Views: 77,938

Even though the documents are available to the public, President-elect Trump misrepresents the U.S. intelligence report on Russia's interference in the 2016 election. (4:05)

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Now, before the break,Before the break,

Meryl Streep called outDonald Trump for making fun

of a disabled reporterduring the campaign.

And early this morning,I assume,

while takinghis daily Trump dump,

the president-electtweeted his response.

REPORTER: "For the 100th time, I never 'mocked'

"a disabled reporter (would never do that)...

Just more very dishonest media!"

What we're gonna do right nowis actually show one

of those times that Donald Trumpengaged in this behavior.

We're gonna show you the speechright now.

And now the poor guy--you got to see this guy--

"Uh, I don't know what I said!Uh, I don't remember!"

He's going, like,"I don't remember!

(stammers)Oh, maybe that's what I said!"

Well, um, Donald Trump sayshe didn't do it,

but we have him doing iton tape.

I guesswe'll never know the truth.


You know one thing we'reall gonna have to get used to

over the next four yearsis Donald Trump and his people

saying that things we sawwith our own eyes didn't happen.

And not like in a cool way,you know, like how gangsters

are like, "Hey, you didn'tsee nothin', you hear?

Ha. Ha. You didn't see nothin',you hear?"

'Cause that would be cool,if Trump gave us $50 each

every time. Then we'd be like,"Yeah, yeah, yeah, it's fine.

We didn't see anything.We didn't see anything."

But he doesn't do it like that.

And it's not... it's notjust about things Trump says

but it's also about whetheranother country interfered

with an American election.

You've probably heard this,but, on Friday,

the entire Americanintelligence community released

a public report agreeingthat Russia meddled

in the presidential election,right,

most likely in an attemptto get Donald Trump elected.

Uh, and then since that wasa thing that happened on Earth,

Donald Trumptweeted his response.

This is partof his Twitter reaction

to the Russia hacking report.


That is not true.

You can read it yourself.The report says no such thing.

Intelligence agencies explicitlysay they have no way of judging

whether the releaseof hacked e-mails

and other Russian tacticslike promoting fake news

might have affectedvoters' decisions.

-Who is this man?-(laughter)

Donald Trump would writethe worst Cliff Notes ever.

Yeah, because it's short--I get that.

But it's not evenwhat's in the book.

He'd be like,"It was the best of times.

"No bad times.

"Don't listen to that loser,Charles Dickens.

"He doesn't knowwhat he's talking about.

The media is lying!"


But here's what really gets me.

Trump is talkingabout a public report.

It's a public report.

-We all know what's in it!-(laughter)

So we know that Trump is lying

about what the chiefs told himbecause we can see

that that's not what they said.

We can see it!It's a totally catchable lie.

He's saying,"I didn't finish the milk!"

But we know you did, Donald!

-We know you did!-(laughter)

It's a dead giveaway!

(cheers and applause)

And what people don't seemto understand is...

this is about to get much worse,because usually, usually

the intelligence agenciesdon't tell anybody (bleep).

And then you realize

every single one of uswill have no way of knowing

when Donald Trump is lying,

which he will be a lot of thetime, 'cause now they said,

"This is what we think,"and they told us.

Normally, they'd justtell the president,

and then he he'd be like,"They told me something else."

We won't know.

And while truthmay not be on Trump's side,

the despicable peoplewho work for him-- they are.

Trump surrogates-- they're sogood at contorting themselves,

that they shouldn't be on TV.

They should be in, like, a weirdversion of Cirque du Soleil.

We didn't need WikiLeaksto convince

the American peoplethat they didn't like her.

It happens.Every election, p...

We have a majorpolitical institution

that allows foreign governmentsinto their system,

and that's what peoplearen't talking about.

You know, if this isso important to our intelligence

and our security, then

why wasn't a bigger dealmade about it?

-♪ -(laughter)