Christiane Amanpour - Finding Truth in a Divisive Election Season

July 20, 2016 - Christiane Amanpour 07/20/2016 Views: 24,048

CNN anchor Christiane Amanpour weighs in on the polarization of the presidential election and explains why the media has a responsibility to uphold reality. (3:21)

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Please welcomeChristiane Amanpour.

-♪ -(cheering, applause)

-Thank you.-So good to have you.

-Hi, Trevor.-How are you?

Ooh, good.It's pleasant.

-Welcome to the show.-Thank you.

-I'm so excited to have youhere. -It's nice to be here.

I'll-I'll tell you a littlestory. A lot of people don't

know this, but, uh, there isthe CNN that America watches.

-Mm-hmm.-And then there is the CNN

that the world watches.And in the CNN

-that America watches...-It's a parallel universe.

Yeah, it is a parallel universe.And on one,

they justbring on people to talk

but not know anything...

and in the other,you are one of the anchors.

I am such a huge fanof what you do. Welcome...

-welcome to The Daily Show. -Thank you, it's great

to be here, and greatto be in Cleveland.

-Is it great to be in Cleveland?-(cheering, applause) -Yes, yes!

-Yes.-Is it great?

It is. It is, because,

honestly, people are so nice.

-They... Can I...Yeah, and that's true. -So nice.

-That is true.-(cheering, applause)

Some of the nicest peopleI have ever come across, yes.

I am literally walking downthe street with my colleagues

and a guyin a pickup truck stops

and offers us a ride

and gives us a cardwith his name on it.

If you're lookingat this election--

you're someone who is...

traveling the world,you have an illustrious career

as a news anchor who has seenelections everywhere,

you've seen everything fromcoups to peaceful protests--

do you seewhat is happening in America

happening anywhere elsein the world?

-Can you draw parallels?-Look, I think

all of a suddenthe West is in a...

in a truly historic momentright now.

I think that what's happeningin the United States

is reflected, to an extent,in Europe.

You saw what happenedin-in Great Britain recently,

-with Brexit.Nobody actually thought -Yes.

that this very sensible"keep calm and carry on" country

would actually, you know,fling itself off a cliff,

-(laughter)-as some people think.

You know, there are many peoplewho believe in Brexit,

so, you know,we have to report the facts.

-But...-If-if I may interject there,

that-that's interesting, becauseyou wrote about something

that-that really connectedwith me,

and that was in and aroundthe conversation

-of neutrality as a journalist.-Mm-hmm.

And you came out, and youwere speaking to the idea

-that journalistsshouldn't be neutral... -Mm-hmm.

which was an interesting takeI'd never heard before.

Well, I-I've come up with a...

with a sort ofa slogan right now,

because I'm about frustratedat all of this.

So I now say,"Truthful, not neutral."

-There's a difference.-Yes.

Truthful is bringing the truth.

Neutral can be creatinga false equivalence

between this faction

-and that faction.-(applause and cheering)

I'm really glad you agree,

because it's to youwho I'm reporting the news,

and I really want you to know

that I go out of my wayto bring you the truth.

And the truth is actually there.

You can find the truth.

And there are facts,and there are figures.

And then there are other things.

And you can't conflate the two.

I'll have to watch youon television.

-And I'll watch you. -Thank youso much for being here.

-Thank you. Thank you.-I really appreciate it.

Amanpour airs weeknightson CNN and CNN International.

Check your local listings.Christiane Amanpour, everybody.

We'll be right back.

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