Happy Birthday, Donald Trump!

June 14, 2016 - Michelangelo Signorile and Eddie Huang 06/14/2016 Views: 31,799

In honor of Donald Trump's 70th birthday, an anti-Muslim group in India throws a party for the GOP presidential hopeful. (1:45)

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But first up, breaking news.

Today is Donald Trump's70th birthday.


70 years of Donald Trump.

Yes, the man was born in 1946.

Or, as it will be known afterhe's elected, the Year Zero.

And, uh, and look at him,look at him--

like a cheap cheese,he's barely aged. Yes.

He could easily pass for 63.

So, uh, congratulations, Donald.

And more importantly,congrats to Melania,

who is one year closerto freedom.

Now, uh, one of the strangestcelebrations

for Trump's big day didn't eventake place in America.

In India-- and this is real--

an anti-Muslim nationalist group

threw a party in Donald Trump's honor.

They made him a cake, they prayed over it

and then they fed it to a Donald Trump poster.

People, you're literallyfeeding the troll.

Now, this group called,uh, Hindu Sena

could not be more excitedfor Trump's birthday.

And more importantly, thepossibility of his presidency.

TRANSLATOR: When Donald Trump becomes the king of the

United States then we will not be scared to speak our minds.

And he will stop us from having to kill

Islamic terrorists, too.

Wow, okay.

The king of the United States?

This is such a strange story.

These people cannot waitfor Donald Trump

to become president,because then they think

he will killIslamic terrorists for them

and then they won'thave to do it themselves.

That is so insane.I never thought I'd see the day

when Indians would beoutsourcing their jobs

to Americans.

-(cheering, applause)-This is...

quite a thing.