Serena Williams Wins Big & North Korea Bans Sarcasm

September 8, 2016 - Howard Schultz 09/08/2016 Views: 47,323

At the U.S. Open, Serena Williams positions herself to break the world record for Grand Slam wins, and North Korea's Kim Jong-un bans sarcasm to protect himself from ridicule. (1:28)

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Um, but before we diveinto our top story,

let's take a lookat other some news.

In the U.S. Open,Serena Williams

continues to dominatewomen's tennis.

She won her 309thgrand-slam match,

and... she's on the way ofbreaking Steffi Graf's record

of 22 grand slam titles,which is just amazing.

Wow, Serena Williams.

Her brother, Kat,must be so proud.

Um, in other news,North Korean leader

and, uh, world'sbiggest baby Kim Jong-un--

well, he madea big announcement.

REPORTER: North Korea's leaderKim Jong-un has banned

the country's citizens fromusing sarcasm

in their everyday conversation.


No, don't laugh, no.Poor Kim Jong-un.

You realize... I mean,it seems he's being a dick,

but you realize he's been hurt.

That's the only reasonhe'd do that.

Because, clearly, he discoveredthat everyone's just been

making fun of himthe entire time.

Everyone in his country's beenlike, "Yeah, yeah,

"that's, uh, the body typeeveryone aspires to.

Yeah, yeah, that's, uh... Yeah."

Why do I feel likeit all started

with Kim Jong-un's barber,you know?

It was like, "No, no, Kim,I'm not lying, no--

"everyone's rockingthe mustache as a haircut.

"Yeah, yeah. Now,you look-you look sexy.

Trust me, you look sexy."

Uh, we-we got a great showfor you tonight.

Uh, so beforewe get into our main story,

say helloto The Daily Show Band.

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Thanks, guys,that was amazing. Uh...