Starbucks Gets Sued for Over-Icing Drinks

May 3, 2016 - Josh King 05/03/2016 Views: 15,620

A woman files a lawsuit against Starbucks, claiming that the chain's excessive use of ice in its cold drinks amounts to consumer fraud. (1:33)

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a lot of people, a lot of peoplehate on Starbucks.

I've noticed this in my timein the U.S.

But you know what,I love Starbucks.

And a lot of people...Y-You probably don't know this

about me, but Trevorisn't actually my real name.

Uh, my real name is...(pronounces African name)

And, uh, when I first came toAmerica and I went to Starbucks,

I was... I told them my name andthey were like, "Mm, Trevor."

And it stuck. It worked for me.It worked for me.

And, you know, they're-they'relike the Ellis Island,

uh, of chain coffeehouses.

So I was shocked this morningwhen I saw this.

A woman is suing Starbucksfor putting

too much ice in its cold drinks.

REPORTER: The suit alleging the brand serves up more ice

than coffee, underfilling drinks in order

to make more money and higher profits.

I'm sorry, what?

I'm sorry, the only timeyou should complain

that something you boughtcame with too much ice

is if you were on the Titanic.

That's the only timeyou can complain.

Then you can be like,"There was way too much ice.

"And, also,someone had sex in my car.

Two stars."

That's the only timeyou can complain about...

Too much iceis such a first world problem.

Are you kidding me?You think people in Armenia

are getting madover too much ice?

You don't thinkthat they pray every day

to the ice god Keromang for ice?

Well, they don't,because Armenia is Christian.

You guys are racists.The point is,

the point is if you don't wantice in your coffee,

uh, there there's an optionfor you: it's called coffee.

Don't complain. Just chill.

With some more ice.