Exclusive - Trump Gym

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Donald Trump's new fitness centers are guaranteed to turn you into a piece of s**t. (1:37)

- [Narrator] From the manwho brought you such luxuries

as Trump steaks and Trump golf courses,

comes my most tremendous offering yet.

Trump gyms.

They're the only gyms that aremade up of 100% locker rooms.

- So, I see this giantpair of titties, right?

And I just grab them because I could.

- Nice.

- Last night I was out at thebar, and I grabbed this ass.

And guess what?

There was a woman attached to it.

- Score!

This is how guys speak.

- [Narrator] At Trump gyms,all your completely acceptable,

everyone-has-them conversations,will remain fully private.

And Trump gyms also feature

the best personal trainersthat money can buy.

- A lot of guys come inhere and they're thinking

I could never boast aboutcommitting a sexual assault,

but I promise you after 30days, you will be transformed

into a world-class piece of shit.

- I saw this girl andtold her she was pretty.

- Come on, man, you cando better than that.

- She walked by and I slapped her ass.

- Nah, nah, nah, come on,come on, give it to me.

- I grabbed her by the pussy.

- Woo, my man!

Good set, guy.

- Yes!- Nice.

- [Narrator] If you're not getting

this kind of misogynistic,technically criminal talk

in your gym's locker room, guess what?

You're going to the wrong gym.

- This hand grabber seems really small.

- [Narrator] No, it's not;they're perfectly normal.

Trump Gym because life's a pussy, grab i