Backstage with Donald: The Quiet Before the Rage

July 22, 2016 - Nina Turner 07/22/2016 Views: 2,646

Donald Trump (Bob DiBuono) gives The Nightly Show backstage access to the moments leading up to his big speech at the Republican National Convention in Cleveland. (3:55)

Now, a lot of peopledon't know this,

uh, but we have somethingspecial tonight.

Okay, the Trump campaignactually granted

The Nightly Show exclusivebackstage access.

I'm not making this up.


Okay, I might be making it up.

I might be making up,but I'm really not making it up.

Okay, backstage accessto Donald Trump

in the moments leading upto his big speech,

and we were able to capturesome very compelling,

intimate, uh, moments.

Take a look.

(people cheering)

The situation in Turkeyis a real mess,

and we all know that it wascrooked Hillary's fault,

but, look, we gotto restore order, okay,

and we got to monitorthe situation.

We got to show our strength.

We got to get tough, like realtough, like unbelievably t...

-look, I got to go.-All right.

What the hell happenedin Turkey?

Problems,got a lot of problems.

So many problemsin our country, folks.

Believe me.

Mu-slims. Mu-slims.

Obama. Obama.

Black, black, black. Obama.

MAN: No, come on, this isthe perfect time. Come on.

-MAN 2: Uh...-Mr. Trump, look who's here.

-Hey.-LeBron James.

You were absolutely fantasticagainst the Warriors.

-My God, you were good.-(chuckles)

Oh, no. I'm-I'm your new,um, Middle East advisor.

It's-it's, um...

What are you doing?

Oh, good. Uh, what are you gonnabe wearing later on tonight?

Oh, my God, I love that outfit.

-It's so fantastic, so sexy.-Mr. Trump, five minutes.

Uh, look, I got to go, Ivanka. I put it on. As I'm doingthat, the guy behind me,

I hear him saying,"Oh, I've got the wrong coat."

So now there's two of us. Weobviously have the wrong coat.

I realize here's a connection.I look over.

Who do you think I saw,everybody?

Actually, I can't remember.Actually...

Melania, who-whose coat was it?

-MELANIA (accented):Regis Philbin. -Oh. (hisses)

God, that Slovenian accent,it cuts through me,

literally, like a knife. Um...

Regis Philbin.

(light laughter)

-Oh, that's great.-What are the chances?

-Great story. -Crazy.-Unbelievable, right?

That is the perfect story.

Unbelievable.I don't tell it to most people.

Most people want to hear it--I don't tell it, okay?

But it's the perfect story.I save it a lot.

Guys, guys,I just found a Pikachu.

Oh. And there's a Jigglypuff.

Look, my remarksabout the disabled

were taken out of context, okay?

Jews. The Jews. Jews.

I can't believe the crap thatthese Never Trump protesters

pulled on the convention floor.

I mean, look,I won every primary.

I mean,I did fantastically well.

And now these party hacks wantto steal my nomination.

-(toilet flushing)-(sighs)

And, by the way, that guyfrom Alaska, the delegate,

he's a real asshole.

I was raised in a small townin Southern Indiana

in a big family witha cornfield in the backyard.

Although we weren't reallya political family,

the heroes of my youth werePresident John F. Kennedy and...

Excuse me. Excuse me.

Excuse me.

I didn't sayall of them were rapists.

I said most of them.

IVANKA: present to youand to all of America

-my father and our nextpresident... -I can't do this.

I can't do it. It was a gag.It was fun.

I was just doing it for fun.I can't do it. Let me out.

Please. I got to get outof here. It was all for fun.

Crooked Hillary can runthe country. I don't care.

Watch your step.

-♪ -(cheering and applause)

Unbelievable.We'll be right back.

-It's true. It's all true.-(cheering and applause)