Bender's Arrest

Proposition Infinity Season 6, Ep 4 07/08/2010 Views: 173,415

Bender gets beaten up by the police, and Amy and Kif argue about their relationship into the wee hours. (1:16)


Well, well.

Time to beat him his rights.

Aah, oh, okay!


You know, that don't lookhalf bad on your buttocks.

It does sort ofclass up the place.

(crickets chirping)

(clock chimes)BOOMING VOICE:The time is 4:00 a.m.!

We've been arguingall night, Kif.

Can't we go to bed?

Is that all youever think about?

I'm not just somepiece of tofu, Amy.

I need to know where westand in our relationship.

We're just goingthrough a rough patch.

It is not a patch.

It's been ages, according toyour wildly inappropriate

hunk-of-the-month calendar.

Leave Todd out of this.

Thanks, babe.

Also, today isCanadian Independence Day.

(plays wolf-whistle)


(repeated burping sound)

Oop, that's Bender's ringtone.

I recognize the smell.


Yo, Amy,I'm in the slammer.

Oh, no.That's enough lipout of you, moneybags.

Just get five grandand bail me out.

I don't have that kind of moneylaying around.

Yeah, you do.

You know that floor safewhere you keep ten grand?

There's five grand in there.

Don't make me wait.