Sharlto Copley - Playing a Loving Dad and Brother (with Issues) in "The Hollars"

August 16, 2016 - Yaa Gyasi & Sharlto Copley 08/16/2016 Views: 4,977

Sharlto Copley talks about growing up white in apartheid-ruled South Africa and discusses portraying a member of a dysfunctional family in "The Hollars." (3:38)

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Please welcome Sharlto Copley!

(cheers and applause)


-Welcome to the show, my friend!-Cool, man.

-Wow. Wow.-Good to have you here!

-Good to have you here.-(cheers and applause)

Good to have you here.

This is... real quick,personal story.

This man, I mean, like, I...

The first time I was reallyexposed to you

was in District 9.

You look very different now.

You look, uh, very handsomeand having less racism.

Um... you...

That was like, you-you-youblew up all over the world,

and as South Africans,we were so proud of that.

And you went on to beon The A-Team,

and just like tonsof big movies.

Is that a strange worldto come from?

Because you exist in two worlds.

You are a... you are a whiteperson who comes from a country

that has a historyof oppressing black people.

Like, do you you get booed anywhere

when you say you'rea white South African?

You know, it's-it's funnyyou say that.

I think, like, when we werekids, when we traveled...

'Cause my-my parentswere quite, like, uh,

on the liberal side.Like, I had...

My mom's cousin was,like, locked up and sent to...

-Peter Hain is a...-Yes, yes, yes, yeah.

is a... struggle activistand stuff, so they were worried

that their phoneswere getting tapped and stuff.

-Which they were. -So when-sowhen we traveled... when we

traveled, we used to say we'refrom New Zealand, you know?

(New Zealand accent):Hello, I'm from New Zealand.

I'm not South African.Hello, New Zealand.

Yes, we love black people.We did deals with Maoris.

I love that you,like, your whole family

had this fake accent thatthey were going around with.

I don't know thatthey could do the accent.

I could do the accent, kind of.

Um, and, uh... but-but...No, since...

That was the cool thingabout District 9, frankly,

was that it was...what I really enjoyed

about playing that characterwas that it was the first time

that a white South African

-could be portrayedin a heroic way. -Yes.

And, you know, as a white SouthAfrican, you sort of grew up

with, like, just... I-I wasn'tinvolved in that stuff.

Like, I'd been broughtinto this family, you know...

-Yes. -I-I wasn't voting,I wasn't...

You know, I was in school.I was in a private school

-in South Africa.-But the-but that's...

And you-you're just born intowhatever you're born into,

and-and, well, the keyis what you do with it.

So, for me, like, you're askinghave people booed me.

No, because in my generation,

when I was 18, I was...the first thing I did

was vote to releaseNelson Mandela.

So, we-we... As a whiteSouth African, I think...

and I've noticed thisin America, you know,

there's-there'sactually sort of...

I think a lot of white peoplehave-haven't really

dealt with issues that havehappened in the past,

where in South Africa,I, as a white South African,

I feel like I did what...

I really did what I could,you know what I mean?

I-I... I did something about it.

Let's-let's talk aboutthe movies.

'Cause this is what you're innow. You came all the way here.

-Uh, successful, uh...-African-American, not...

Yes, yes. African...

-African, just...-...and in America.

That's-that's whatyou have to say.

-African in America. Yes.-Yeah.

Uh... The Hollars, very funny movie.

You have a great castaround you.

I do, man. It was a reallygreat, great group of people.

Um, Anna Kendrick,Margo Martindale.

Margo Martindale, RichardJenkins play, uh, our parents.

I play John Krasinski's brother.Um, a guy...

A very disturbed brother,it looks like.

Well, I mean, he's a little...He has issues, you know?

He had... he has a problemwith his-with his family life.

He has two daughters,which he loves.

It was-it was cool for meto play something

with, um, withreal heart as well,

'cause I've played a lotof tough guys and bad guys

-and, you know...-It was nice to play

-a Peeping Tom for a change.-Yeah, I was... yeah,

it was nice to play someonewho actually...

no, but who actually,you know, loves his family

and-and, uh, rather thanjust kills people.

Thank you so much for beinghere. Sharlto Copley, everybody.

Very funny, great to have you.Come back again.

The Hollars is in theatersFriday, August 26.

Sharlto Copley, everybody.Running off already.

-(cheering, applause)Running off. Running off!