A Delicious Ceasefire in Syria

September 12, 2016 - T.I. 09/12/2016 Views: 11,402

The U.S. and Russia celebrate a ceasefire in Syria's civil war with pizza and vodka. (1:22)

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let's start with a phrase

I never thought I'd say--good news out of Syria.

U.S. Secretary of StateJohn Kerry announcing

that the U.S. and Russia haveagreed to a cease fire

that he says could bea turning point

in the five-year-oldcivil war in Syria.

As reporters were waiting forword on this landmark agreement,

Russian foreign minister

Sergey Lavrov comes in with a special delivery-- pizzas...

-WOMAN: And... -MAN: Two bottles of vodka.

MAN: He said the pizza was from the U.S. delegation,

the vodka from the Russian delegation.

Wait, wait, wait, wait, wait.Wait.

So you're telling me all it tookto get America and Russia

to agree on a cease firein Syria was a pizza party?

-(laughter)-This is all it was?

Do you know how pissedthe Syrians must be right now?

-(laughter) -"Why didn't youtell us all along?!

"We could have justcalled Papa John's!

"We order from themall the time. Yeah.

"Their pizzas can block gunfire!

-Why didn't you tell us?!"-(laughter)

By the way my favorite partof this whole thing is,

look how excited...look how excited

this one guy is coming inwith those pizzas.

You can seethis Russian guy is just, like,

"I feel like a pizza manin American pornography film.

"Look at me!

Yeah, if pizza not fill you up,I have kielbasa for you!"


"Bow-chicka, wow-wow!"