Allen Strickland Williams - A Refined Palate

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Now that Allen Strickland Williams is an adult, he's developed a taste for the one thing he hated eating when he was young. (1:08)

Has anyone else dealt with thisproblem?

Sometimes I find that I cancome off

as pretentious and off-putting

to people who are inferior tome and dumb.

(audience laughs)

Anyone else dealt with that?

Just me.

Oh, I don't think you guys knowthis,

but as you get older, the tastebuds on your tongue

actually change with time,which I guess explains

why now, as an adult, I loveeating that ass.

(audience laughs)

I hated it as a kid.

(audience laughs)

My mom was always like two morebites.

Oh, he's a dirty boy.