Getting Out the Undecided Black Youth Vote

October 19, 2016 - Matt Taibbi 10/19/2016 Views: 46,496

Roy Wood Jr. finds out why some African-American millennial voters are unenthusiastic about presidential candidates Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump. (7:45)

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withthe final debate just behind us.

There are actually stilla high number

of undecided voters out there.

Yes. One such groupis young African-Americans.

WOMAN: The Clinton campaign is not generating the kind

of voter registrationand enthusiasm

that's needed to getyoung black voters to the polls.

We just can't sit back and think

that young people, particularlyyoung African-Americans,

are just goingto go to the polls in droves.

Black millennial votersright now,

who may not be as enthusiastic

as they had beenin 2008 and 2012.

Young black voters...

One is quoted as saying,"What am I supposed to do

"if I don't like himand I don't trust her?

Choose between being stabbedand being shot?"

Why do American analogieshave to be so violent?

-(laughter)-Why can't it be

choosing between wet socksand stepping on a Lego?

-Why not something like that?-(laughter)

"Choosingbetween Trump and Hillary

is like being shot or stabbed."

Is that real?Is that for real, though?

I don't see it. I don't...

Like, really? Shot or stabbed?

It's more like,would you rather be shot,

or would you rather look at a knife?

-(laughter)-That's what that is.

How can America getyoung black voters to turn out?

Well, Roy Wood, here to help answer

that question, everybody.Roy Wood!

-Roy Wood!-(applause and cheering)

What's up, African?

Look, I'm here to talkto all you black millennials,

or as I like to call y'all"black-lennial"...

Afro-lennial. I'll come upwith something later.

Look, you're a key demographicin this election,

but a lot of y'alldon't want to take part.

And why do you thinkthat is, Roy?

'Cause, Trevor,they're not happy.

If you're black and under 30,

you're being askedto do something

you've never had to doin a presidential election--

choose between two white people.

-Oh, wow. I never thoughtof that. -It's tough.

And so, having Obamahas probably spoiled them.

Yeah, you're damn right it did.

You don't always get smoothblack candidates, children.

-(laughter)-You know how desperate we were

for black candidatesback in my day?

We had to create 'em.

We saw Bill Clintonplaying a saxophone,

standing next to Arsenio.

We was like, "Close enough."

(laughter, applause)

We're like, "Who?"He's... (imitates sax playing)

-We're like, "Yup."-But, I mean, Roy... but, Roy,

there must be other waysto get their attention.

You know, like, why don't theyhave rappers make endorsements?

Uh-uh, uh-uh, uh-uh. See,all that "Vote Or Die" stuff,

when Puffy did it,'cause he rapped slow.

-You could understand him.-(laughter)

All this new rap-- that traprap-- you can't under...

You can put no politics under...

(speaking gibberish)She got a big booty.

(speaking gibberish)

(trilling)Uh, yeah!

(laughter, applause)

You can't see no politics in it.

That's oneof my favorite songs.

-I love that song, by the way.I love it. -Yeah.

Well, still, Roy,let's talk about this.

I mean young voters,young black voters,

have to choosebetween Hillary and Trump.

So what do these candidatesoffer them?

Well Hillary's got somethinggoing for her,

at least, you know.

She fought against schooldiscrimination in the '70s.

You got to respect that.

And Mary J. Bligelikes her enough

to give her a private concert.

♪ It ain't no secret

♪ It ain't no secret...

(laughter and applause)

It ain't no secret, Trevor,that'll help Hillary.

-She's Mary J.-approved.-I got to be honest,

I got to be honest,that was so awkward, Roy.

I don't know if thatreally helps Hillary.

Uh, in Hillary's defense,I don't think she knew

that was Mary J. Blige.

I think she thought that wasthe lady from The Incredibles.

NOAH:Okay, okay,

so... so we knowwhat Hillary offers.

What are Trump's advantageswith black people?

Oh, man, that's easy, man--he'll make America great again.

-Bing-bong-bing...-Yeah, yeah, but, Roy, Roy,

the problem with that is,you say "America great again,"

but no matter what erayou go back in time to,

-it's always gonna be worsefor black people. -Mm-mm.

See, that's where you're wrong,bruh, that's where you're wrong.

There's one time Trumpcan take us back to.

30 minutesafter the O.J. verdict.

That was a hell of an afternoonfor black people.

Look at all themhappy black folks.

The Juice was loose, baby,

and that was black V-Day!

I don't even-- man...

It was good times.

I was kissing people. I don'teven know who that girl was.

Anyway, Trevor,I went out to talk

to some of theseyoung black voters myself

to see what'son their undecided-ass minds.

To reach out to these voters, I went to the ancestral home

of America's black youth--


♪ Where Brooklyn at? Where Brook... ♪

Okay, y'all not even hyped.

And it was immediately clear that they were unhappy

with their choices.

Trump is badbecause he flip-flops too much.

I'm not too sureif I want another Clinton

-in the White House.-None of these candidates

just havemy genuine vote, like...

I just...

I'm just frustrated.

Y'all got to choose betweenthese two white people, man.


Two white peoplelying to minorities.

That's the American way.

So you've got to make a decisionon which white person...

who lies you like better.

-No. -No. -No.-Not at all.

You don't... have peoplethat reflect you.

Obama was the last person thatreflected and looked like us.

You know what I thinkwith you millennials?

I'm just give y'allsome real talk for a second.

Y'all spoiled, man.

Ain't gonna beno presidential candidate

that was ever as cool as Obama.

Y'all done had a presidentthat could shoot three-pointers,

he smoked Newports,his wife cool as hell.

He ain't comin' back.

Say it with me."Obama gone."

OTHERS:Obama gone.

Okay, I got them to let Obama go.

Now I needed them to pick someone.

What about celebrity endorsements?

Millennials love celebrities.

Maybe that would convince them.

You mother (bleep) millennialsdon't understand

the mother (bleep) election,mother (bleep)!

Vote for the mother (bleep)white lady!

(like Tyson):I support Donald Trump.

I went to jail for rape,and he supported me.

So now I support Trump

while he gets readyto rape America.

-Oh, my God. -I guess I just needed

to ask them straight up why they didn't have any love

-for the candidates. -There's,like, a bad omen about her.

-He's very insensitive.-The e-mail scandal.

Not relatable to black people.

-The '94 crime bill...-He's kind of like a child.

Turns out they had plenty to say on that.

Okay, you're withholdingyour vote on Hillary

because you're not sureif you can trust her,

there's something maybea little evil about her,

the crime bill from '94,

and you say she got no backbone.

You are not sure about Trumpbecause he's angry,

he acts like a child,he's disrespectful to race,

religion, Black Lives Matter,

babies, America, women Latinos,

Muslims, Obama,black people, Ivanka,

USA, Mexico, China, Iraq,the whole Gulf,

and the media...

-and himself.-Yes. -Mm-hmm.

And y'all are still not surewho you want to vote for.

-No. -No.-Mm-mm.

Uh, okay. What if we just focus on one issue

that black millennials say is very important to them--

criminal justice reform.

I mean, look, Trumpjust came out and told you,

"Look, we're gonnaput you up against the wall,

we're gonna rub you down andwe're gonna send you to jail.

So now we're gettingstopped and frisked.

And Hillary has a...

17-point presentation

on her Web sitedetailing her plans

to reduce inequality in policing

and stop privatizing prisons

and stop mandatory sentencing.

So now when she wantsto become president,

we're gettinga PowerPoint presentation?


But at this point,a PowerPoint presentation

is all we got!

-Mm, no. -No.-Not really.

You know, I think these millennials

just hadn't learned this valuable lesson--

when it comes to voting for president,

black people almost always have to lower their expectations.

I say... Trump is likegetting run over by a car,

and Hillary is kind of likegetting hit by a car.

Like, really, really lower their expectations.

So Trump is like...the car running over you

and (grunting) and mangle you,

and Hillary hits you,but you hit the windshield

and you roll up off of it.

I think the clear choiceis to hit the car

and roll over the-the roof.

You still getsome body damage, though.

Do you want to live?


Then roll your ass up that hood.