Nikolaj Coster-Waldau - Donald Trump's Campaign and Denmark's Political Values

May 2, 2016 - Nikolaj Coster-Waldau 05/02/2016 Views: 3,173

"Game of Thrones" star Nikolaj Coster-Waldau weighs in on Donald Trump's presidential candidacy and the happiness epidemic plaguing the actor's home country of Denmark. (5:14)

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Please welcomeNikolaj Coster-Waldau.

-♪ -(cheering, applause)

Thank you for being here, sir.

-Thanks for having me.-May I just say

you look as handsome in person

as you do on screen.That is very rare.

Oh. Well...

thank you.

Thank you so muchfor being here,

-at the... at the height ofeverything, uh, you know? -Yeah.

-It's, uh... I mean,you're at... -It's exciting.

-you're at the Met Gala tonight.-I am.

So, I mean, you-youshould have been getting dre...

Are you dressed? Is this...

-No, I'm gonna haveto change again. -Oh. Oh, nice.

-Yeah. -Nice, nice.Into something more...

Apparently you have to weara tuxedo for that thing.

Oh, I see. You just looklike you're in the zone already.

You have that vibe to you.

You have, like, super handsomebad guy vibes to you.

-Yeah. -Like you're gonna endthe world,

but the women will be smiling.

-That's what you have.-Exactly.

Thank you so muchfor being here.

-Uh, Jaime Lannister,what a character. -Yeah.

He's a great character.Can I just say one thing?

Do you follow... I knowit's-it's soccer. Football.

Yes, I do.

Leicester Cityjust won the premiership.

-Yeah. The Foxes have taken it.-Isn't it amazing?

-The Foxes. Some people rightnow are like, -And, like...

-"What-what is that?"-No, but this is like...

Like-like, to put it in context,like-like...

-Beginning of the season, theywere 5,000 to one to win. -Yes.

-It's almost... -We could justtalk about this. I like this.

It's like... it's like,a year ago, if someone had said,

"In a year's time, Donald Trumpwill be the candidate

for the Republican Party."

-It's almost as absurd, right?-It is almost as absurd.

-Yeah. -And just as many peopleare going crazy about it.

-I know. It's exciting. -Itreally is. You-You're from...

-Uh, you're from Denmark though.-Yeah.

What do you guys thinkof this whole thing?

It's-it's... You know, we havedifferent political systems,

and we appreciatethe entertainment value.


I mean, it's-it's...

That sounded mean.It's like you were saying...

It was like, "Our politicalsystem is about politics,

and the American..."I know. I know what you mean.

-I was just thinking, this showtoday, without Trump, -Yes.

how much content would you have?

How much substantive content

-would we have, you mean.-No, no. No, but, I mean,

-he-he's like... -All-all...But all politicians

are content though.It's just that he is...

He's like an orange blanketthat covers everything.

Try... Have you triedto watch the news with...

-I have.-There is... there is no Trump.

Like, did you see that e-mailthat we put up on the screen,

the redacted e-mails, that'sif you took Trump out of them,

that would be Trump. Just...But instead of black,

it would be orange.Just orange, the whole thing.

But you-you make a good point.He's everywhere though.

-Is he in Denmark as well, thesame way? -Yeah. All the time.

-So he's everywhere in theworld. -But you know that thing,

the saying about any-any...even bad press is good press?

-Yes.-I think he lives by that rule.

It really feels like he does.Are you guys afraid of him

at all as a countryor are you...

I think that thing he saidabout, uh,

that he wouldn't rule outusing nuclear bombs in Europe

kind of made people go, "What?"

We thought you guys were,like, our protector.

Yeah, but he didn't mean youthough.

-But... -He would use itin a country next to you.

So they use it over here,it's gonna be fine for us.

Yeah, it, like...The nuke will go around you.

Do, like, a little... It'lldo... That's-that's so crazy

that you are also affectedby it, 'cause you would think,

Denmark, I mean,you're one of those countries

where everyone's happyall the time.

Aren't you up there...You are though.

-Like, Denmark's one of thehappiest... -The happiest people

-in the world.Yeah, low expectations. -Yes.


(cheering and applause)

What-what makes...what makes Denmark so happy?

I've... That's somethingno one ever asks.

I mean, people will sayit's the standard of living.

Ask Bernie Sanders.He seems to use it all the time

as a... "Go to Denmark.It's the greatest place in..."

I mean, I think it's, um...

No, I do believe that, uh,equality, uh, is a good thing

to keep people safe, you know,the fact that there's not...

-We're not that different.-Oh, in terms of the income gap

-and the... Oh, okay.-Yeah, yeah. And the fact

that you don't haveto, uh, have a lot of money

to send your kids to schooland, uh, health insurance

-and all those things covered.-So things

that make people happy.So what you're saying is

if-if the governmentdoes nice things for people,

they become happyis what you're saying.

Well, I don't know if that's...I think that's part of it.

I think... But at the core,I think we're not...

I mean, we're very muchthe same, you know?

We're... The two peopleare very... Americans, Danes,

we have the same coreof wanting, you know,

to believe that you should beable to be whoever you want

-to be as a person.And I think, uh, yeah, -Yes.

the political system is... Imean, we have crazy politicians

as well. There's no...It's not that different.

-Do you? In Denmark?-Yeah.

Who's the craziest politician?

Oh. There's-there's a few,but they're...

I mean, I could go...There's a list. But they're...

Just give me one name.

Oh. What's his name?

Well, I'm-I'm asking you that.That's...

Well, could-could you help meout? You don't know any?

-There was... -There was a guycalled Esben...

-Es... Uh, wait, wait. -Yeah,you know him. Esben, right.

Um... Esben some... Yeah,I was gonna say the same guy.

I was gonna say the exact sameguy. And then you said it

and then because you lost it,I lost it as well.

-It's terrible.-Yeah.

Oh, man, it's so much funhaving you on the show.

-Thank you so muchfor joining us. -Thank you.

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Nikolaj Coster-Waldau,everybody!

-♪ -(cheering and applause)