Ray Parker Jr. Theme Songs

The End Season 5, Ep 11 09/09/2015 Views: 75,275

The singer who performed the "Ghostbusters" song presents a box set featuring his best unreleased movie themes. (2:33)

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Who you gonna call?[laughs]

Hi.I'm Ray Parker, Jr.,

writer and performerof the Academy Award-nominated

hit single Ghostbusters

from the major motion picture Ghostbusters.

But that's just one song.

I've written so many othermajor motion picture theme songs

and submitted 'emthroughout the years.

Now they're availableand together

for one specially pricedcompilation.

Songs like...

♪ You triedto play the game ♪

♪ But it's driving youinsane ♪

♪ Jumanji

♪ Danger in the jungle

♪ Jumanji

♪ There's a lion in my house

♪ Come on, Mr. Computer

♪ Throw me a bone

♪ I said, Lawnmower Man

♪ Get up off of my lawn

♪ When Armageddon is near

♪ You better get out of here

♪ Looking like a deep impact

♪ I ain't afraidof no 'stroid ♪

♪ Watch out behind you

♪ That's where I'm gonnafind you ♪

♪ Pelican brief

♪ It's getting legal, y'all

These songs have only been heardby the highest level

of industry decision makers,

but now you can feellike a Hollywood executive

in your own home.

♪ I'll see your face-off

♪ Black guy walking around

♪ It's a face-off [chuckles]

♪ That ain't even your face

♪ Passion of the Christ

♪ Get me down offof this cross ♪

♪ Passion of the Christ

♪ You know,my daddy is the boss ♪

♪ Disturbia

♪ That's not even a word

♪ Gonna unnerve ya

♪ Now, there's a whole lotof kinky ♪

♪ Bet that room is stinky

♪ Fifty shades of Grey

[chuckles]All right, white people.

♪ Who's a slave?

♪ I'm not a slave

♪ Uh-oh

♪ Twelve years a slave

Whoops![imitates whip crack]

There's one thing I know.

It's that persistencemakes perfection.

Ha ha.

Sure, Hollywood missed out,

but that doesn't meanyou have to.

♪ Down in the basement

♪ What's going on?

♪ It's a apt pupil

♪ There's a kidand a Nazi down there ♪

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