The Kopp Sisters Fight Back

Siblings Season 4, Ep 6 11/01/2016 Views: 7,204

When a wealthy businessman tries to intimidate three sisters in 1910s New Jersey, they take matters into their own hands. (3:02)

- Hello,I'm Mike Still,

and today we're gonna talk aboutthe Kopp sisters:

the original lady badasses.

- Cheers.- Cheers.



So our story starts in 1914 in Paterson, New Jersey,

and Constance Kopp and her sisters Norma and Fleurette

go out to lunch.

They're eating sandwiches and 1914 drinks,

and all of of a sudden, they hear this loud noise.

Beep, beep! [mimics explosion]

[mimics tires screeching]

[mimics horse whinnying]




[mimics horn honking]

[both laugh]


So their horse-and-carriage cart was smashed

by an automobile.

Who was drivingthis automobile?

It was Henry Kaufman.

He was a mean little guy

who owned the Paterson silk-dyeing corporation.

Constance comes out and she's like, yo!

What the [bleep] happened to my buggy?

Ah, I don't know.

Who cares?

You're a woman.

I'm Henry Kaufman. I'm the king of silk.

I'm not gonna worry about some horse and buggy bullshit.

[bleep] you.


So he drives off in his car,

but Constance was just like, no.

We're not gonna let this guy walk over us.

We're going to e-mail--


We're gonna write him a letterand say, "Give me 50 bucks.

Give us 50 bucks," so they go home to their farm

and she sends a letter to Henry Kaufman.

Doesn't hear a response.

So a few weeks go by, and a brick goes through

their farmhouse window.

Oh, my God. What's that?

I don't know, a brick.

Who would do it? I don't know.

A week later, Norma went out to the outhouse

behind the farmhouse

and boom! Boom!

She was getting shot at!

She runs back inside.


I was trying to take a dump

and I was getting shot at!

So the Kopp sisters are starting to get so pissed off

about this, so they go to the county prosecutor,

and they say, "Look, we're getting harassed,

"we're getting threatened.

"You need to help us out here.

You need to send some people over to our farm."

And he's like, I don't know.

I don't believe you.

There's no proof. There's no proof.

But the sheriff of Bergen County, Robert Heath,

overheard what they were talking about,

and Sheriff Heath was like, I'll help you, little ladies.

I'll teach you how to help yourself.

So Sheriff Heath gives all three of the Kopp sisters

a gun.

So he taught themhow to use the guns.

Aim up.

Aim at your target.

[imitating gunfire]

He let them hold the guns

and kiss guns.

Whatever you do to guns.

[both chuckle]

And that's a fact.

[both laugh]