Chris Garcia - Watching Soccer - Uncensored

Wedding in Paradise Season 3, Ep 1 03/04/2016 Views: 448

When Chris Garcia watches soccer on television, he prefers to watch Telemundo. (1:02)

I love soccer.

I think it's so exciting,

but I got to watch iton the Spanish channel

instead ofwith these British guys.

They just don't havethe passion, you know?

They're just like,

"And there's the equalizer.


"After 89 minutes of play...


"We have a tie.


World's championship match."


You watch that shiton Telemundo...


And those fools are like,

"Y el portero cumplió 33 años

hace dos días!"

[cheers and applause]

You're like,"Holy shit, what'd he say?"

Oh, he just said the goalieturned 33 two days ago.


He didn't say anything.He's just excited.



What the fuck was that?

Oh, he's just yawning.


So my parents are from Cuba.I'm really proud of that.