Donald Trump Removes the GOP Shackles

October 11, 2016 - Charlamagne Tha God - Uncensored 10/11/2016 Views: 33,080

As GOP House Speaker Paul Ryan distances himself from Donald Trump, the scandal-plagued presidential hopeful vows to become even less restrained. (2:05)

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All right.But let's turn now to the guy

who you definitely don't wantto see in porn. Again.

Since that tape came outwhere Trump is bragging

about sexual assault,Republicans have been running

away from his campaign like copsjust showed up to their party.

And Trump is not taking it well.

Anarchywithin the Republican Party.

Trump has spent the last fewhours, last few minutes,

raging not againstthe Democratic nominee

but against the senior electedRepublican in the country,

House Speaker Paul Ryan.

Trump tweeted...(reading):

I'm sorry, wait, now the shackles are off?

So you mean, the entire time,the shackles were still on?

The shackles were still onyesterday when you said this?

Bill Clinton wasthe worst abuser of women

ever to sit in the Oval Office.

He was a predator.

Without the media,

Hillary Clintoncouldn't be elected dogcatcher.

-I mean that. It's true.-(cheering)

CNN is a disgrace.

Oh, they just turned offtheir camera!

Crooked Hillary Clinton.Oh, she's crooked, folks.

She's crookedas a three-dollar bill.


Okay, here's one.

Just came out."Lock her up" is right.

That was shackled Trump?

The guy callingto imprison Hillary?

Dude, you can't unshackle...

You're already the Hulk,basically.

You can't go more Hulkthan the Hulk.

You can't be like...Like, Hulk is like,

"Now Hulk get really angry!"

And you're like, "What doyou mean? You're already Hulk."

"No. Real Hulk have no pants.

"Aah! You see balls-out Hulk.


"Oh, wow.You mean like Donald Trump?"

"N-No, no, no. That too far.

"Hulk opposite of Trump.

"Hulk hurt buildings.

"Hulk respect women.

Hulk woke."

(cheering and applause)

"Totally different."