Roast Battle - Sarah Tiana vs. Earl Skakel

Roast Battle - Night Four - Uncensored Season 1, Ep 5 07/31/2016 Views: 8,431

When Sarah Tiana and Earl Skakel face off, he brings up her promiscuity, she fires back with a quip about his lasciviousness, and she takes it home with a Kennedy family burn. (1:22)

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Sarah actually has a drinknamed after her.

It's called The Tiana.

It's a vodka Red Bullwith a Plan B chaser.

I love it.

Um, I don't know, uh,if anybody knows this,

but Earl has sent medick pics before.

Uh, yes, you can admit that,

uh, so now I know he's takentwo bad head shots.


(Neighbors shouts)

MOSES:Last joke.

Well, Sarah, your ideaof a head shot

is the dick bouncingoff your forehead.

(sirens sound effect plays)


My God, uh...

Earl, uh, I know, you know,everybody knows

that you're one of the Kennedyfamily and you-you always make

a lot of grand entrances,you know,

when you come out here,which is so unlike a Kennedy

because usually you guysgo out with a bang.

(gunshot sound effect plays)