Gretchen Carlson Sues Fox News CEO Roger Ailes

July 7, 2016 - Julia Stiles 07/07/2016 Views: 101,910

Former Fox News anchor Gretchen Carlson files a sexual harassment lawsuit against network CEO Roger Ailes, claiming she was fired for refusing his advances. (4:15)

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You know when somethingyou always assumed

was going to happenfinally happens

and yet, when it actually doeshappen you're still surprised?

You know that feeling?You know, like,

like, seeing Jon Snowcome back to life

after months of rumorsthat he would?

You knew he was gonna come back,but still, when he came back

you're like, "Oh, (bleep),he came back to life!"

That's how we felt yesterdaywhen this happened.

A sexual harassment scandal

is rocking the worldof cable news.

Gretchen Carlson,who until recently

was an anchor for Fox News,

is suing the channel'spowerful CEO, Roger Ailes.

She accuses him of firing her

for refusinghis sexual advances.


Sexual advancesfrom Roger Ailes?


I mean, it is nice to know thatwhile liberals and conservatives

disagree on a lot of things,the one thing

they can all see eye-to-eye on

is the fact thatthis guy is (bleep).

Yes. I mean...

I mean...

not that that sort of behaviorwould be okay

no matter what he looked like,but still.

You know, so, props to GretchenCarlson for coming forward.

Think of how hard it isto go up against Roger Ailes.

It takes a lot of courage.

I mean, even more couragethan it would take

to have sex with him, but still.

And the detailsof this lawsuit are not pretty.

REPORTER: She accused him of "ogling her in his office

"and asking her to turn around

so he could view her posterior."

REPORTER 2: When she complained about his "severe and pervasive

sexual harassment" he told her,

"'I think you and I should have had a sexual relationship

"'a long time ago and then you'd be good and better

and I'd be good and better.'"

Oh, wow.Well, if that's true,

I mean, that's totallyunacceptable.

And luckily, Ms. Carlson

was able to get that momenton tape.

I think you and I should havehad a sexual relationship

a long time ago and thenyou'd be good and better

and I'd be good and better.

Now, uh, now, for legal reasons,I have to tell you

that's not really Roger Ailes.

It's Jabba the Hutt, uh,

or, as Roger Ailes calls him,#FitnessGoals.

But on the other hand,it's important to remember that

Roger Ailes hasn't beenconvicted of any crimes yet.

And there is hisside of the story, too.

REPORTER: Ailes denied the accusations.

REPORTER 2: Fox News channel, responding to Carlson's claims,

telling ABC News her "allegations are false.

"This is a retaliatory suit for the network's decision

"not to renew her contract,

which was due to her disappointingly low ratings."

Oh, disa...disappointing ratings, oh.

You-you mean the ratingswhere Gretchen

was beating all the other showsin her time slot?

You mean thosedisappointing ratings?

Bigger numbers is bad?

I think you're thinking of golf.

Look, I mean,it's up to the law to decide

if Carlson is telling the truthor not, you know?

I-I'm just saying this news

really shouldn'tbe a surprise to anyone.

If you've ever watched Fox News,you know this is the network

that devotes about 30% of itsprogramming to women's legs.

And by the way, how come

we never get to seeBill O'Reilly's legs? Yeah.

How about a little eye candy

for the rest of us,is all I'm saying.

The point is I'm inclinedto believe Gretchen Carlson.

Not because we know what happensbehind the camera at Fox News,

uh, but becausewe definitely know

what happens in front of it.

Some guy came up to me, he said,"I saw you on Fox & Friends

this morning. Is Gretchen ascute in person as she is on TV?"

-Oh, come on. -And what did youanswer? -Gorgeous, gorgeous.

Look at her today--beautiful dress,

-you look wonderful.-Okay.

You got Sebelius,you got Valerie Jarrett,

you got Michelle--the Oval Office

is becoming The View.

And they figured out that--babes, chicks, what do you

-call 'em, Steve, skirts?Um, they're the ones... -Brian.

A non-organic carrot that's likethis, freshly picked, is hairy.

You-you look like you couldhandle those things.

-All right.-Oh, my God.

Didn't men give you the kitchen?

Oh, my God.

Women are everywhere.We're letting 'em play golf

and tennis now.It's out of control.

-You know what...-You know... -(laughs)

Right now the girls are leading.

Got to cover your tail.

Oh, tail coverage.

-Thank you, ladies, forcoming on. -Thank you so much.

Leverage, there's physicsinvolved, that's wonderful.

As a female, when I'm listeningto that, I'm thinking

I've heard a lot worsethan that in the workplace.


Now I understandthe Fox News slogan. Yes.

Uh, and I have decided.

I've decidedI hope Gretchen wins.