John Denver Fan Club

Hurricane Season 2, Ep 9 08/16/1999 Views: 3,740

A group of music fans mourn John Denver by singing some of their favorite songs. (2:17)

the newest member ofthe John Denver fan club.

Welcome, Lewis.

Thanks--It's great to be here.

It's been really hard onme ever since he died.

His musicmeant so much to me.

Well, we deal with the loss

by singing some of ourfavorite songs for each other.

So, join in when youfeel like it, man.


I'd like to share one ofthe most beautiful love songs

ever written, man.

"Annie's Song."

Oh, yeah.

♪ You fill up my nutsack ♪

♪ Like a nightin the nutsack ♪

♪ Like a nutsack inspringtime ♪

♪ Like a walkin the nutsack ♪♪

Why are you singingit like that?

Lewis, none of us areprofessional singers.

♪ Almostnutsack West Virginia ♪

♪ Blue Ridge Nutsack ♪

♪ Shenandoah Nutsack ♪

Please, why are you putting"nutsack" in all the songs?

Excuse me, that's theway John Denver wrote them.

No he didn't.

John Denverfought his entire career

to perform and recordhis songs

the way heactually wrote them.


The record companiesmade him soften up his lyrics.

So his songs would bemore commercial!

Oh, John!



The original lyricsto his songs

were all about truthand beauty and nature.

But the only thing differentabout the original lyrics

is that a bunch ofthe nouns are nutsack.


Like this simpleode to the sun.

♪ Sunshine on my nutsackmakes me happy ♪

♪ Sunshine... ♪That's right.

♪ On my nutsack makesme cry ♪

Please don'tsing the next line.

♪ Sunshine on my nutsacklooks so lovely ♪

Okay, you knowwhat, I gotta go.

Lewis, wait.

I thinkthis might help.

♪ Oh life on a nutsack nutsack(nutsack nutsack) ♪

♪ Nutsack nutsacknutsack nutsack ♪

♪ Nutsack nutsack nutsack ♪

♪ Thank GodI'm a nutsack ♪♪


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