What the Actual Fact? - The DNC's Keynote Speeches

July 29, 2016 - Cory Booker 07/29/2016 Views: 1,139

Desi Lydic fact-checks speeches from the DNC, including claims Hillary Clinton made about the distribution of wealth and Michelle Obama's patriotic declaration. (4:11)

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-♪ -(cheering, applause)

Thanks, Trevor.

What a historic week.

For the first timein American history,

a presidential nomineewas told to smile more.

And now that the euphoria

around the DemocraticNational Convention

has slightly subsided,let's take a minute

to analyze some of the speechesfrom this week.

Wall Street, corporations,and the super rich

are going to start payingtheir fair share of taxes.

When more than 90% of the gains

have goneto the top one percent,

that's where the money is.

And we are goingto follow the money!

(cheering and applause)

Now, quick side note,

Follow the Moneyis also a sex game

that Donald plays with Melania.

(à la Donald): "You never knowwhere the money will lead."

(à la Melania): "Butit always leads same place."

Now, Hillary saysthat 90% of income gains

have goneto the top one percent,

and that statistic was true

in the first yearsafter the recession.

But not anymore.If we look at the latest data,

only 52% of income

now goes to the richestone percent of the population.

So Hillary's claimis partly true,

because,while this situation is bad,

it's not as badas it was in 2012.

So I give it Lindsey Lohan'sdrinking problem.

-(cheering and applause)-Yeah.


Now, let's move on to everyone'scoolest social studies teacher,

Senator Elizabeth Warren.

Washington works greatfor those at the top.

When giant ta... companies

wanted more tax loopholes,Washington got it done.

Now, Elizabeth Warrenis accusing Congress

of working with big businessto pax... pass tax loopholes,

and she knows all about that,because she supported

a tax loophole that helpedmedical device companies

in her state.

So even though Warren's claimis true,

she's complainingabout something

and pretendinglike she's not in on it.

So she deserves a Taylor Swift.

(cheering and applause)


Next up,like a well-to-do gay couple,

let's move to Chelsea.

Our son, Aidan,is five and a half weeks old,

-and...-(cheering and applause)

we are so thankful

that he's healthy and thriving.

And, well,we're a little biased,

but we think he's just aboutthe cutest baby in the world.


That is a cute baby.

But is it the cutest babyin the world?

No. My baby is.

-(cheering and applause)-Yeah.

Finally, we move on to oneof the most remarkable speakers

of the week,First Lady Michelle Obama.

Don't let anyone ever tell youthat this country isn't great,

that somehow we need to make itgreat again,

because this, right now,

is the greatest countryon Earth.

The greatest country on Earth.

This one's tough. Technically,America is 36th in math,

27th in literacy,and 41st in life expectancy.

But the first ladyspecifically said "right now,"

which meant right then,

the moment Michelle Obamawas speaking.

And, yeah, during that nonstopmike-drop of a speech,

America was the greatest countryon Earth.

-(cheering and applause)-Yeah.


this statement is true

but only in the exact momentit was said.

Like saying "I love you"mid-orgasm.


Thank you, Desi.Desi Lydic, everybody.