Q-Tip - Tackling Exploitation with "We Got It From Here"

November 17, 2016 - George Packer & Q-Tip 11/17/2016 Views: 1,836

Rapper Q-Tip of A Tribe Called Quest expounds on the political message in the song "We the People…" from the group's final album, "We Got It From Here." (4:32)

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Please welcome Q-Tip!

-♪ -(cheering and applause)

Welcome to the show, sir.

-How's everything?-Oh, man, everything is amazing.

-Yeah? -Everything is amazingnow that you're here.

-Oh. Well, thank you. I'mglad... -Yeah. It's-it's so...

-I'm glad I was able to save theday. -It's so random and crazy,

but, like... So,in South Africa, our currency

-is called the rand.-Uh-huh.

And so we have denominations--one, two, three, four, five,

you know? So, we have one rand,two rand, three rand,

four rand, five rand. And mostpeople in South Africa thought

that you were singing thatit's a viv... five-rand thing.

-Right. -Yeah. We werejust like, "How does he know?"

We were like, "He knows."♪ It's a five-rand thing

♪ Five And when we'd buythings, we'd be like...

-♪ It's a five-rand thing -Hey. It's...

-it's the tribe, man. It'sthe tribe. Yes. -It's the tribe.

It's the tribe. Welcome to theshow. So welcome to the show.

-Um...-(cheering and applause)

-Let's-let's get straightinto it. -Yes, yes, yes.

On your track "We the People,"that we just saw a clip of,

uh, the chorus says,"All you black folks must go.

"All you Mexicans must go.

Muslims and gays,boy, we hate your ways."

How-how do we sing thaton the dance floor?

How does that...how does that go?

It goes, uh... ♪ Beans,greens, tomatoes, potatoes ♪


Um, but it's-it's a...it's a really political message

-that you have in this album.-Yeah. Yes.

-The question is why.-Um, because...

I mean, it's-it's for a verykind of convoluted reason.

But to try to,you know, simplify it

and give a summary of it,I mean, it's...

Like you just spoke withwith George before, um,

you know, you felt it brewingin this country.

You felt... in the underbelly,uh, that,

you know, there was disposable,

um, uh, people, if you would.

Um, people who may not

-add to the true economic gains,right? -Yeah.

And one of the things

that, you know,we have to remember is that

in this society, you know,capitalism

that the bottom lineis-is truly money, right?

And then you haveall of us as citizens--

here we are,we're coexisting...

Um, in order for someone

to truly capitalizeon the situation,

there has to be somethingthat's weak,

or there has to be some...something...

The tenetsof capitalization is that

there has to be somethingor someone

-that you take advantage of.-Yeah.

Or that you, uh, kind of expose,

and, you know...

-And exploit.-And exploit.

It's a concept really

that we've been dealing withfor a while,

um, of cheap labor, you know?

And then, the epitaphsof, uh, you know,

true deep, you know, gut...

in-the-gut racism.

"I hate youbecause of your race."

Or "I hate you because

-of your sexual preferenceand orientation." -Yeah.

Or "I hate youbecause of your religion."

So I felt like,and we felt like in the group,

that we really wanted to, um,

try to pose the scenario,

rather than be heavy-handedand straightforward of it.

But within musicand within song and within art,

you know, we're able to kind ofpresent this tapestry,

if you would,that really shows the truth

that we're all kind ofjoined together, truly.

-Yeah.-That there really isn't, uh,

these divisions that's,you know, floated out there.

-You know?-I've never had anybody

who has one questionthat is the entire interview.


I won! I did it!

(applause and cheering)

-What do I get?-You won.

You get everything.

You get us downloadingthe album,

you get us listeningto the message.

I feel likewe could do this forever,

because you are an intense man,

-and the songsreally do carry that. -Yeah.

Uh, but, yeah,we'll do more of this.

And you got to come back.

-We should just do an entireepisode together. -(laughter)

We should.What do you...? Should we?

That's what we should do.

We should doa whole episode together.

-(applause and cheering)-But we got to cut this short.

We Got It from Here... Thank You 4 Your Service

is available now,and the full video

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