Women in President-Elect Trump's America

November 9, 2016 - John Stanton 11/09/2016 Views: 109,580

Michelle Wolf tries to make sense of how Donald Trump won the presidential election, despite his offensive remarks about women. (3:46)

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To chat more about everything wehave unfortunately experienced,

I'm joined now by Michelle Wolf,everybody, Michelle Wolf.

(cheering and applause)

Joining us in the studio.


How are you feeling right now?

Well, as my autocorrectwould say,

duck this ducking election.


I feel like I just got broken upwith someone

whose uglierand has a worse personality.

I mean how did this happen?

Experienced politician

versus racist fake gynecologist.


Wow! America,I mean, I knew you were sexist.

I've seen your Carl's Jr.commercials.

But instead of electinga woman president,

we chose Donald Trump,

who shouldn't even be presidentof lunch meat.

I mean it's not even aboutnot voting for Hillary,

it's about people voting for Donald Trump.

The worst thing to happento women since yeast.


Oh, yeast,because there's yeast in bread,

-and then bread and carbs.-No!

I do not have time to explainthat to you right now, Trevor!


Look, women make up halfof this country, Trevor,

and now we have a leader

who only sees usas ass and tits.

I mean, even PornHub thinkswe're more than that.

They highlight so many otherparts of women

that I didn't even realizewere sexy.

I mean, three million hitsfor an elbow fetish, who knew?

Wait, I don't understand,the elbow, why, why...

-Oh, oh, oh. -Yeah, thereyou go, right there.

-Oh, I get it. I-I neverthought of that. -Yep, yep.

-That's, uh... wow.-Men are creeps.

Yeah, men are,men are disgusting.

So, so in this election, menreally screwed the woman over.

We... I mean, we've always knownthere are some men

that are against women.What (bleep) blew my mind

in this election is that

42% of women voted for Trump.


I mean, look, I get it,I get if you don't agree

with Hillary's policiesor you're really,

for some goddamn reason,hung up on her e-mails.

But you went with Trump,the guy who said

women who get abortionsshould be punished,

who walks in on teenbeauty queens changing,

who would grab a pussy--that guy.

You thought that guy was betterfor you than Hillary?

The grabber? I mean,even if it's consensual,

you don't grab a pussy.

That's nothow you handle a pussy.

How are you supposed to be ableto handle a country...

(cheering, applause)

if you can't handle a pussy?!

It's not hard.

You learn itin, like, middle school!

I don't get it.

I don't get it,and some of those women

didn't want Hillaryto become president

because she's a woman.

That's right,women can be misogynists too,

just proving that women can doanything that men can do,

except be president.

And you want to know the saddestthing I've heard all day?

To all the little girls who arewatching this,

never doubtthat you are valuable,

and powerful,

and deserving of every chance

and opportunity in the world

to pursue and achieveyour own dreams.


(cheering, applause)

The saddest thingI heard all day

is that we have to bereminded of that.

Thank you, Michelle.Michelle Wolf, everyone.