Bernie or Bust: Why Bernie Sanders Supporters Turn to Donald Trump

June 30, 2016 - Chuck Klosterman 06/30/2016 Views: 301,962

Jessica Williams finds out why some staunch Bernie Sanders supporters have opted to vote for Donald Trump rather than Hillary Clinton in the presidential election. (5:07)

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As you may have heard,

tonight is a bittersweet momentat The Daily Show.

Our beloved correspondentJessica Williams is leaving us

to go create her own new showon Comedy Central.

Fortunately, we do haveone final report from Jess

on a groupof Donald Trump supporters

who may surprise you.

WILLIAMS: After an impassioned Democratic primary

between the Curb Your Enthusiasm guy

and the Mother of Dragons, the voting is finally over.

And with Hillary Clinton as their nominee,

the Democratic Party has united without controversy.

Ha-ha. J.K., y'all. I'm (bleep) with you.

I won't vote for HillaryI can't vote for her.

We're not just automaticallygonna vote for the demon

because you're sayingthe devil may be there.

Demons and devils?

How can it get any worse?

I think there's one pollthat showed one-fifth

of Bernie Sanders' supporters

would actually votefor Donald Trump.

Oh, yep, that's worse.

So I gathered a bunch

of actual loyal Bernie Sanders supporters together

to see if this could possibly be true.

Probably I would belooking at Trump.

-I'm gonna have to gowith Trump. -Trump.


He has diarrhea of the mouth,but a lot of things

that he says are thingsthat a lot of people may think.

You mean like racist things?

Racist things,I would say, yeah.

-Okay.-Um, he is a bigot and a racist,

however, um...

You don't have to...continue with "however."

Where are you gonna gowith that?

No, well, I'm about to go there.

Hillary has been a scam artistall her life.

And I hope the FBI comesand indicts her.

Hmm, I was starting to suspect

that this wasn't about Trump at all.

Hillary will bring us to war

within 90 daysof her inauguration.

-Okay. -Hillary Clinton'sjust a stack of garbage.

She's a...she's a "stack of garbage"?

She's more likea leprechaun to me.

You said she's a leprechaun?

What has a leprechaunever done to you?

Please, uh, they disgust me.

Okay, hold up. So they think Hillary is this?

But they want to vote for this?

Money, money, I want more money.I want... I don't even know why.

I don't get it. How do you go

from a left-wing progressive like Bernie

to a man who worships money

only slightly less than he worships himself?

Maybe I'm missing something.

Can you name...

one thing that Donald Trump andBernie Sanders have in common?

Bernie and Donalddo not have a Super PAC.

Actually... Donald Trump doeshave a Super PAC. Like, four.

Bernie and Trumpboth don't have hair.

Well, okay. Um, anything else?

-They're both old.-Anything else?

They both want to be president.

And that's all it takes, huh?

Can't they see that it's Bernie and Hillary

that have similar policies and views?

Their views aretotally opposite.

Hillary Clintonand Bernie Sanders' views

-are totally opposite?-Right.

What about Bernie Sandersand Donald Trump's views?


Okay what?

Are they totally opposite?

(quietly):Hell... yeah...

This is not a robot short-circuiting.

These are real people who are going to vote.

Okay, to show them just how opposite Bernie and Trump are,

I'm gonna play a fun game called...

Who Yelled It Best?Donald Trump or Bernie Sanders.

First one.

"When Mexico sends its people,

"they're bringing crime.They're rapists.

-And some, I assume, aregood people." -OTHERS: Trump.

"The goalof real health care reform

"must be high-quality,universal coverage

-in a cost-effective way."-OTHERS: Bernie.

"I would end Obamacare

-and replace it with somethingterrific." -OTHERS: Trump.

-What gave it away?-The third grade-level wording.

Okay. Okay. "You will neverlearn what I am thinking."

-That's Trump.-Actually, no, that's Hitler.

Sounds a little like Trump,doesn't it?

-Trick question.-Mm-hmm. I got you.

Like a leprechaun.

Wow, exceptfor the Hitler thing,

you guys didreally, really well.

You know why? They areliterally the opposite people.

It's not going to Donald Trump;

it's going awayfrom Hillary Clinton.

Okay, maybe an analogy will help.

Last weekend I wanted to goto this new restaurant,

and my friends wanted to goto this old restaurant,

and I got out-voted,so instead of eating with them

at this old restaurant,I went into an alley

and I sat downand ate a pile of dog (bleep).

At least I know it's doo-doo.

That plan backfired.

Do these people just love doo-doo?

I have to get to the bottom of this.

Y'all would rather havea 100% turd

than a maybe secret turd?

-Yes. -Yes.-Yes. -Yes.

But... what ifthat maybe dookie

turns out to just be... okay

and a little less progressivethan Bernie Sanders?

Then I guess we'llhave to chew on that.

Well, I guess we'll just haveto chew on that dookie.

Ugh! Maybe there isn't a way to convince

these six Bernie-to-Trump voters to change their minds.

Luckily, there is one Bernie supporter

who has his priorities in order.

Are you going to votefor Hillary Clinton in November?

-Yes. -Oh, snap! Go on.

So there's zero chanceyou'll vote

-for Donald Trump?-Oh, God, please. I'm gonna do

everything I can to make surethat Donald Trump is defeated.

Maybe Bernie's supporters should just listen to the guy

that they're supporting.

J. Willy, out.