Reexamining Dinosaur Roars

October 17, 2016 - Russell Simmons 10/17/2016 Views: 48,011

A new scientific theory suggests that dinosaurs made quacking sounds similar to ducks, which may prove problematic for a certain film franchise. (1:31)

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breaking newsfrom 150 million years ago.

If you ask any toddler whata dinosaur would sound like,

no doubt they would answerby roaring in your face.

But it turns outthat some scientists

are now disproving that theory,

saying that dinos instead cooedor quacked like ducks.


Dinosaurs quacked?

So you're telling me these huge,

tough creaturesjust sound ridiculous?

Congratulations, dinosaurs.

You're the Mike Tysonsof your time.

(laughter, applause)

Dangerous,but you sound ridiculous.

And this isa stunning revelation, you know?

And this is just me,but I'd prefer scientists

look intowhy cell phones are exploding

-before moving on to dinosounds research. -(laughter)

I feel like there are so manythings happening in the world.

And this really is crazy.

I used to think, you know,

dinosaurs werethe most ferocious creatures

to ever roam the earth.

Now I just picturean old caveman on a park bench

-feeding dinosaurs bread.-(laughter)

And you know, just like,"Eat up, Rexie.

"You look hungry.

"I'm so lonely!

-When will I invent fire?When?!" -(laughter)

The worst part about this nowis you realize

they're gonna have to remasterthe audio of Jurassic Park.


(high-pitched squawking)