Ana Navarro - The GOP's Donald Trump Divide

October 13, 2016 - Ana Navarro & Jidenna 10/13/2016 Views: 29,170

GOP strategist Ana Navarro explains why she called out a Donald Trump supporter during a CNN panel on Pussygate and questions her party's future following the 2016 election. (5:01)

Please welcome Ana Navarro,everybody.

(cheering, applause)

-Welcome to the show, Ana.-Thank you.

So, for the five people whodon't know who you are, you...

I'm the womanwho said "pussy" on TV.

I guess you couldn't... I wasgonna say it in a different way.

-But you said it. -Let'sjust get right to the point.

Here's a question I have.Why did you say "pussy"?

Everyone says "the P word"or the "intimate areas."

-Why did you say "pussy"?-Well, first of all,

'cause it's 12:45 a.m.,right, when I said it.


because I just couldn'thandle any more people defending

the man who's running forthe highest office of the land,

in the United States of America,saying the word,

and yet pretendingto be offended

when a mere pundit or a comedianor anybody else says it.

Hypocrisy needs to be called outin American politics,

and the absurd has reachedthe point

-where it is just insufferable.-Here's a question I have.

So, for those whodon't know your background,

where you've come from,you have been a GOP voice

for a very long time

You're a strategist, you workedclosely with Jeb Bush, as well.

So it's not likeyou're coming at us

from a Democraticpoint of view at all.

I've been a Republicansince I was eight years old.

I fled communism.

-Ronald Reagan...-That's a very young age

to be... a Republican.

What were you doing at eightthat you were a Republican?

Sorry to interrupt you.

That's just a weird...I was not thinking of politics

at the age of eight.

-Well... -Why were youa Republican at eight?

Because I fled communism,

and Ronald Reagandefeated communists.

-I see. -Because my father wasa Nicaraguan Freedom Fighter

and Ronald Reagansupported them.

I was a Republican beforeDonald Trump was a Republican.

I was a Republicanwhen Donald Trump

-was a Democrat.-(cheering and applause)

I was a Republican whenDonald Trump was an independent.

And I'm going to be a Republican

when Donald Trump gets tiredof being a Republican.

Do you think that'll happen,or do you think Donald Trump

is going to takethe Republican Party with him?

Because when Paul Ryanstood up and said,

"I'm un-endorsing this man," yousaw a lot of Republican voters--

I think it was only 13%--

who said, "We will...we will step away from Trump."

The remaining people in theparty said, "We are with Trump."

Actually, Paul Ryanhas not un-endorsed him.

I mean, he refuses to be in thesame zip code, the same stage,

the same roof as him, but he hasnot officially un-endorsed him.

Fortunately for Paul Ryan,

Donald Trump,who comes unhinged easily,

has reacted as if Paul Ryanhas un-endorsed him,

-which I think is the best thing-Yeah.

that could happen to Paul Ryan.

I am very happythat Paul Ryan has decided

to treat Donald Trumplike a Zika mosquito:

avoid contactor you will be infected.

Um, I don't know what's goingto happen after November 9.

I can tell you that I don't knowhow to count very well.

I don't know math--that's why I went to law school.

But I do know enough mathto know that in order

to be a viable partyto win the White House,

-you need 50% plus one.-Mm-hmm.

If the Republican Party breaksinto pieces,

we have less of a chance of thathappening than we do now.

We have got to figure out a wayto move forward,

to reconcile,rebrand, reunite.

-'Cause this party,this country, -Yes.

needs two healthy partiesputting out solutions,

trying to solve the crisesthat we have.

This dysfunction, this realityshow that's politics must end.

We, as voters,need to demand better.

Here's a question I havefor you then,

because I do nothave the opportunity

to sit with manystaunch Republicans

who openly admitto loathing Donald Trump.

An election is coming up, right?

You are going to vote?

-Yes.-Oh, okay.

When you step into that booth,

you will have oneof two choices.

What are you going to choose?

Well, right now, I have said--and I'm sticking to this--

I'm going to write in my mother.

Which, I want to tell you, makesmy mother incredibly nervous.

She's got high anxietyabout this.

I think she thinks she can win.

She stands a chance

-against Donald Trump...-Look, I'm-I'm not alone

-in America right now.-Uh-huh.

This is a historical election.

-Not only do we havethe first woman running, -Yes.

not only do we have the firstorange person running,

but it's also the first timein American history

that both candidatesof the major parties

-are more unpopularthan they are popular. -Yes.

And so a lot of Americansare feeling like I am.

Now, I... Unfortunately,I live in a swing state.

I live in Florida. That meansthat my vote may really matter.

If Hillary Clinton is winningthis election by six points

-in Florida come Election Day,you know... -Mm-hmm.

"Mrs. Navarro"is getting written in.

If it's 50-50, I-I don't knowwhat I'm going to do,

because I do know that myconscience does not allow me...

it does not allow meto-to allow Donald Trump...

to not do every possible thingI can

to make surethat a misogynist, racist,

a bigot, jerk, entitled man

is the next presidentof the United States.

It sounds like you do knowwhat you're gonna do.

This has been an amazing chat.

I hope you'll come backwhen we're in a better s...

a better-better space. But thankyou so much for being here.

Well, sweetheart, that'sif Donald Trump doesn't win,

because if he does,I'm probably getting deported

after I get auditedand waterboarded.

We'll do the show from outsidethe country together.

That's what we'll do.Thank you very much.