The Divinity of Donald Trump

July 20, 2016 - Christiane Amanpour 07/20/2016 Views: 200,036

Jordan Klepper speaks to Pastor Mark Burns, one of Donald Trump's religious supporters, to find out how the GOP presidential hopeful stacks up as a Christian. (4:52)

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This week, devout conservativeChristians from all 50 states

made a pilgrimage to the QuickenLoans Arena to see the man

who they believe will lead themto so much winning.

Jordan Klepper reportson this holy-ish union.

KLEPPER: Donald Trump has assembled a wide range

of supporters at the RNC.

And some of the most vocal-- evangelicals.

Yes, he's a casino owner who's had three different wives,

but the conservative Christians

know a devout man when they see one.

Go Trump!

He represents the godly peopleof the United States of America.

Do you think he's always actedlike a good Christian?


How can you buildthat kind of empire

if you're not praying to Godfor good things every day?

He is a... the manfor this time in history,

and God will use him.

And I don't knowthat he's gonna even be aware

of how God is going to use him.

You don't think he even knows

what his relationshipwith God is?

Absolutely I think that.

KLEPPER: They seem convinced, but I was still struggling

to see how this man reflected the teachings of the Good Book.

What do you think about the ideaof loving thy neighbor?

Uh, you don't want somebodyliving next door to you

that's going to sneak overand murder you in your sleep.

Who's going to do that?

KLEPPER: But then I saw a man

who could convince even the most

skeptical of the depth of Trump's faith.

We are electing a manin Donald Trump

who believesin the name of Jesus Christ!

KLEPPER: Pastor Mark Burns.

Shout amen!


KLEPPER: That's the guy I needed to talk to.

The man who gave the benediction

on the opening night of the RNC.

I believe Donald Trump,without question, loves God.

He believes in the one true God.

He believes Jesus Christis his lord and savior.

He believes that marriage isbetween one man and one woman.

-He believes that...-Wait.


He believes marriage is betweenone man and one woman.

-Who does?-Donald Trump believes

one marriage is between one manand one woman.

-He also believes... -Untila younger woman comes along?

No, no, no, no, no. No, no.No, no, no, that's not...

Trump thinks marriageis between one man and one...

Czech, one Slovenianand one American, right?

So your point is?

This one man, one woman thing--I ran the numbers.

They don't check out.

Okay, so he stumbled a few times

on his path toward righteousness, but surely,

he embodies the most basic Christian ideal

of helping those in need.

Jesus said,"Blessed are the poor

for they will inheritthe kingdom of heaven."

-He did. He did.-Right? Donald Trump said,

"I've watched politicians

"bragging abouthow poor they are,

"how poor their parentsand grandparents were,

"and I said to myself,'If they can stay so poor

"'for so many generations,how smart can they be?

They're morons.'"

Donald Trump is not the pastorof the United States of America.

He's accepted Jesus Christas his savior.

Is he a seminarian student?

Can he exegete the Scriptures?I don't think so.

You knowwho has run a Bible study?

-Who's that? -I'll give youa hint. It rhymes with...

Hillary Clinton.

Hillary Clinton?

-Yes.-Runs a Bible study?

She did when she was First Ladyof Arkansas.

Well, you know, I can't speak

to Hillary Clinton'srelationship with God.

I know she's really good atpandering at the black churches,

saying whatever"Amazing Grace" song

she can come up withfor that moment.

Do you think Donald Trump knowsthe words to "Amazing Grace"?

Well, again, as I said...

I think it would be more like"Tremendous Grace."

"How fantastic the sound.

"Could savea pretty good guy like me.

"I once was lost, though,you know what? I was never lost.

I was born with an impeccablesense of direction."

When it comes to Trump's views on the poor and marriage,

Christians are willing to turn the other cheek.

An attitude they extend to all God's children.

Well, almost all.

I thinkthat when Hillary Clinton

calls Donald Trump a personthat disrespects women,

for a woman, herself,to allow her husband

to disrespect her--I think that's horrible.

You're holding that to Hillary?

What we sew is what we receive.

So, what's worse--Hillary allowing Bill to cheat,

or Donald Trump cheating?

Well, I want to...I want to be clear.

Um, in my statement,I think I misspoke

when I said Hillary Clinton hasallowed anyone to do anything.

Uh, Bill is his own man.

But you're connectinghis actions to Hillary?

Well, because that he isHillary Clinton's husband.

But you're not connectingDonald Trump's actions

to Donald Trump.

Um, I believe Donald Trump,just like any of us,

when we fall,we fall to the sin.


Christians love to forgive.

And Donald Trump allows them to practice forgiveness

in truly biblical proportions.